59 Crucial Tips to Becoming A Successful Blogger, Influencer, SEO Expert & Digital Marketer in 2020

This guide contains everything you need to know about a successful blogger. 

If you are a newbie blogger, then this post will definitely help you or if you are an SEO expert, you will also get a lot of benefits from this guide for sure.  

It is too much easy to create a new blog within a minutes, but it is so hard to make it successful.

If you are one of them who want to become a successful blogger and digital marketer or trying to build a profitable online blogging business, then this guide is specifically crafted for you.



In this 27k words comprehensive guide, we are going to know how to be a 100% successful blogger and content marketer in 2020

I hope you would enjoy reading this thorough guide and definitely learn a lot of tips and techniques from me. 

Grab a cup of tea or coffee on the table and get ready to improve your online skills. 

So without any further delay let’s get started our comprehensive guide right now.


Table Of Contents

What Is A Successful Blogger?

I don’t know what is a successful blogger. I am going to tell you here why I am saying this.

It depends on you what you define a successful blogger. Maybe you could define this term;

• As a lot of high organic traffic and visitors

• As a lot of product sales

• As a lot of comments

• As a lot of high revenue or earnings

• As a lot of popularity or fame

• As an authority etc.
So it depends on you what you think about successful blogging, isn’t it?

Never Give Up Until The Last Breath

When you now decided that blogging is your career, you can’t live without it. So now you must say yourself one phrase.
“I will never give up until my last breath”
Literally, it will help you until the last time.
If I talk about with my personal experience, I can say ”never quit” is the only key to success.
Believe in yourself and your ability, then no one can stop you. Motivation is one kind of fuel which always works to push you forward in your life or anywhere.

See today’s successful bloggers and influential people, the one thing you will notice that they never gave up too soon in their careers.

Keep this in your mind that;

Winners are not people who never fail, but the people who never quit. 

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

So you need to learn this attitude. I hope you are going to implement this tip as soon as possible.

Keep Yourself Motivated While Blogging  

This is the most essential tip to be successful blogging. Motivation is a kind of fuel which helps you to push yourself in every field.  

If you want to become a successful blogger, you need to motivate yourself first.

Do You Want To Know How Do I Motivate Myself?

• I read motivational quotes daily, you can too.

• I use social communities to get inspired.

• I watch motivational videos on youtube.

• I see how professional bloggers and SEO experts achieved success.

• I learn how bloggers have achieved their goals and how can I?

• I read their interviews and success stories.

• I learn and read their mindsets as well.

• I read the comments on my website which readers left.   

• I follow like-minded influencers and positive peoples personalties.

• I avoid negative people mindset and thoughts.

• Just think why I started blogging or online business while failure.

• I think how far I have come.

• I reward myself as a motivation whatever it can be.

• Try to work with more fun. 

So I hope you now understand how to motivate yourself in the blogging and Internet marketing industry.

If you follow all the above-given points, I am pretty sure you’ll be a successful author one day.


Hard Work As Well As Smart Work

If you will see any successful person or blogger in your life. One common thing they have done.  

Hard Work and Smart Work.


If we talk about any top professional blogger and SEO expert, we can surely say that they were really great hard workers and strugglers.

Blogging needs a lot of hard work and efforts, then after it will pay off you. But don’t forget about smart work as well.

So if you really want to be a successful author, first you must develop this skill before start blogging.  

4 Great Ways To Work Harder & Smarter At Workplace

Surround Yourself With Those Who Are Working Hard

If you aren’t just working hard on your blogs and websites, the chances are high you can not be a successful blogger or marketer. You need to put a lot of efforts into it.

If you are unable to do hard work on your websites, then you can simply make your surroundings extremely hard worker. It means that connect with those website owners and online entrepreneurs who are constantly working hard on their websites. 

Once you connected with this kind of super like-minded individuals on social channels, it becomes easier for you. You just become like them. 

Our surrounding matters a lot when it comes to our behaviour, it makes our personal development too. 

So if you aren’t working super hard to your online business, make sure you build connections with those who are great strugglers and hustlers that will help you to improve your work potential.

Don’t Think That It Is Hard Work 

If you are putting a lot of hours on your websites and blogs, I know that it’s hard work, but still it is not hard work. 

Let me tell you, why?

It is just a PROCESS and PROGRESS… 

It is a process which is making you more successful, confident and stronger in your niche. It is a process which you are enjoying. It is a process in which you are boosting yourself.

If you think like this kind of positive mindset, then you could do much work harder in your business office.

Know Your “Why”

First of all, know your “why”. Ask yourself why do you want to do work hard on your websites. Once you clear your “why” then it becomes easier for you what to do and what do not.

It helps you to move forward if you know your “purpose” or “why” to the businesses. 

Your purpose as a blogger could be like this; 

• I have to do hard work because I want to get organic traffic from Google

• To increase popularity or fame. 

• To boost my online authority.

• To share my knowledge, skills and expertise.

• To build my brand successful.   

You Need To Focus

First, you need to focus on your specific task if you really want to do hard work on your blogs and websites. Keep this in your mind that FOCUS is your #1 priority and hard work is secondary.


The 80/20 Rule For Blogging Success

Have you ever heard about the phrase of 80/20 rule of promotion?

The 80/20 rule is officially known as the Pareto principleIf you apply the principle to blogging, you could improve your efficiency and maximize your efforts.

It simply means:

1. Spend 20% of your time on creating blog posts and,

2. Spend 80% of your time on promoting that blog posts. 

Do you know content promotion makes or breaks our blogging success?


Derek Halpern, the founder of Social Triggers spend his 20% time on creating amazing content and 80% of his time promoting that content.

He says that amazing content isn’t useful if no one knows about it.

Most bloggers I have seen that they spend 80% of their time to create their blog posts and 20% of their time spend on promoting it.

Did it happen the opposite, right? This is a HUGE mistake the majority of people make, take it seriously.

We all want to get organic traffic. Right?


When we write any blog posts, then we want many people to read our contents and share our stuff as much as they can. 

But it doesn’t happen as we do not share that content too much and this is another reason for not getting any traffic on our websites.

If you have given 80% of your time on creation and 20% of your time on promotion, change it as faster as you can. If you are still doing the same thing, you are on the WRONG track.

Start spending 80% of your time on promoting your contents and spending 20% of your time on creating awesome contents. 

For example, if you’re spending 2 hours on writing a blog post, then spend at least 8 hours to promoting it by emailing people, participating in forums related to your niche and social media channels etc.

So you should follow and implement the 80/20 rule of blogging success strategy. 


Blogging Consistently And You Will Be Succeed Soon

Blogging or online-based business is all about ”consistency”.   You can not succeed online within a day. You have to put lots of efforts constantly.

I know many online marketers and content creators, they have been publishing consistently online for almost many years. That is why they are so famous and popular today. 

Let’s take an example, blogging is a kind of tree. As we already know like a tree needs a lot of water, sunlight, soil, shadow and carbon dioxide to grow.      

Similarly, an online startup needs plenty of hard work, struggle, sweating, consistency, efforts and dedication to progress. 

So if you want to grow yourself as well as your online brand, then make sure to be consistent on your websites. 


Cover Trending Topics

This point is very helpful to you. Don’t forget to write the contents on the recent trends. 

The audience always wants new information from you. So if you will provide them at the right time.

It’ll be useful for them and you. 

There is one extra advantage you can get by writing on a trending topic. 

That is huge traffic.

Yes buddy, when you publish something related to trend, it will definitely boost your traffic. 

Hope you would use this technique and boost your site’s traffic.

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Publish Content On A Daily Basis

To be a successful blogger, this tip is extremely important.

If you publish your contents on a daily basis, your readers or visitors never forget you and they will get to know who you are.

Always they remember you when you post consistently. They will engage with you. 

Your readers are always waiting for your blog posts. Then, Google also supports you because you are constantly working on your blog. 

It will also help you to find regular visitors on social channels like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Remember that you don’t need to post your next article every day. Instead of this, you should take time to write an extremely thorough, detailed and comprehensive guide. 

However, you can publish 2 detailed blog posts in a month as per me.


Use Best Internet Marketers Tool: Quora

Did you hear about quora before?

I hope you have already heard it well.

Most of the successful bloggers and editors use the Quora platform to becoming more successful in their niche. Right? Have you any doubt about it?

I think, NO.

Quora is an awesome Q&A platform in the world from where you can ask questions and give answers to the questions.

The company was founded in 2009 and launched the first time for the public in 2010.


The name of the co-founder (CEO) is Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever.

Why Should You Use Quora As A Content Creator & Marketer?

• To give answers and solutions for the problems of its users

• To demonstrate your expertise, authority & knowledge

• To getting huge brand visibility and exposure

• To knowing pain points of audience

• To learn more from SEO experts and blogging authorities from your specific niche

• To get ideas for your next blog posts

• To promoting your website   

• To improving your SEO efforts

• To developing your content writing skills

• To driving leads

• To exploding your product & affiliate sales

• It’s a goldmine for keyword research

• To improve your website’s SEO

• To bring more visitors & traffic to your blog content

• To promoting blog posts

• To gaining referral links to your website

• To inform them about your business, products & services

You can figure out by Alexa site ranking how popular the site is.



Its rank is 92 in the world, it’s just awesome!

Most of Quora’s active users from the United State & India.

It is a very popular platform which is used by millions of peoples worldwide and have a massive source of UGC (User-generated content).

Quora is receiving 100 million unique visitors from people who are looking for their answers to their questions and you can understand its potential how powerful the tool is. 

If we talk about its link, means which links it provides us then it gives no-follow links to our blogs. However, it’s better than nothing.

Keep in mind that your main focus shouldn’t link to your contents unnaturally as nobody prefers SPAM, right? Instead of that, answering well the questions and include links whenever needed.

If you’re using Quora for a while, then one thing you might have noticed that the term ”upvote”. 


All answers it ranks according to their upvotes.

Most of the authors and influencers ask questions, related to their new upcoming posts to collecting ideas. When experts can leverage the Quora platform, then I highly recommend you to do the same thing.

Whenever you hit “publish” button for your blog post remember that make a habit of answer questions related to that topic at Quora.

Because now you know about the particular topic very well so you should make a habit. It will help you to gain visitors from quora. 

14 Brilliant Tips To Becoming More Successful Author And Digital Marketer By Using Quora Wisely:

• Join Quora Today & Create Your Profile

• Find The Right & Best Questions

• Provide The Answers

• Link To Your Blog Within Your Answer

• Share Answers To Social Media Networks

• Add Links At The End Of Your Answers, Not At The Beginning 

• Use Time-Saving Trick On Quora

• Respond As Quickly As Possible

• Use the “@” Symbol To Tag Content Partners

• Follow Bloggers And Relevant Peoples In Your Industry 

• Find Out Relevant Topics To Follow 

• Learn From The Experts & Influencers On Quora

• Think That I’m An Expert While Answering

• Don’t Promote Your Blog Excessively

Join Quora Today & Create Your Profile


The first step is to set up your profile at Quora by using a facebook account, google account or email addresses. 


Next, you have to select at least 10 topics according to your blog interest or industry. 

These topics will inform Quora what kind of contents & feeds to show you whenever you log in or what kind of knowledge and expertise you have in a particular area.


These are the most popular topics on the Quora.

You will be shocked to hear that Quora has over 300,000 topics to explore. You can say that this is the “treasure of knowledge“.


For instance, as per me.


When I clicked on the topic “writing” then I found 6 more topics relevant to “writing”.



Similarly, when I clicked on the “marketing” topic then I got many topics about “marketing”



And when I marked both topics together, then I got BOTH topics suggestions and results. Look at the picture above.

It shows that whenever we click on any topic, it gives us more in-depth topics suggestions and ideas as per that topic.

Once you select at least 10 topics relevant to your expertise and knowledge, press the “continue” button.


Then further, it creates your feeds, shows questions & answers according to above-chosen topics.

After selecting some interesting topics, now you have to pay attention to your bio and description. You probably might have seen, whenever someone leaves the answer on Quora platform, we’re able to see their profile information above the answer.

Did you remember?

Quora shows the first 50 characters of your profile as a tagline.

So always make sure to include your expertise detail within the bio & description box and don’t forget to add your website link and profile picture out there.

Let’s take a practical example of it;


This is Janice Wald and the founder of MostlyBlogging. See her tagline, this is what she knows about and when I clicked on her name, let’s see below what I found.


Fill out all of your information on Quora, the more you fill out, the better.

Always remember that your Quora profile builds trust and credibility in front of users, so make it in an amazing & memorable way. 

Choosing The Right & Best Questions

After selecting some topics and niches related to your interests, let’s go further. The next step is to choose the right questions to answer. 

Always make sure while picking questions on Quora whenever you use this platform, the right kind of question can give you more visibility and exposure to your answers and profile.  

In case, you opted the wrong kind of question, then you won’t be able to answer it well. So you will have to focus more on which type of question you’re opting.

Implement These 5 Tactics To Get The Most Out Of It:

Tactic #1: The first step is, head over to Quora and find the “Answer” button in the top bar, look at below:


After clicking on the “Answer” button, you’ll get several questions like below:



The questions you’re seeing above are those which have been curated for you by your areas of expertise.

Tactic #2: Another method is great, this is the method where we search for our expertise topic (the topic you know well) in the search bar to finding the best questions. 

For instance, I will prefer to write “Traffic” in the search bar and let’s see what happened.



And when I clicked on the “Website Traffic” topic & found this.


You can see the popularity of this topic by its followers. Yeah, it has 271K followers that is too much. After clicking on the “More” button.


You need to click on the “All Questions” option. 



These are the questions which are recently asked by someone and relevant to the “Website Traffic” niche.

Tactic #3: Keep in mind that choose questions with the highest followers and fewer answers.

Let’s take an example below:



If the followers are too many for the question, it’s a great opportunity for you.


If you or someone write the answer to that question, then they will get an instant notification in their inbox who followed that question.

In case you select too many answers question, then it can be a risk or your answer could hide.

Tactic #4: Choose questions with at least 40-50 followers and less than 30 answers.

Tactic #5: Find and choose the new questions or hasn’t been answered yet by someone or only replied two, three answers.

Let’s take an example below:




If you answer well, then it will be more likely to see. Because now the amount of answers is less and you’ll be stand out easily.

Provide The Answers 

You made a profile, you chose your niche, you found the best questions. 


But next, this is a time to providing answers to questions. In online marketing or online business, we always make sure that providing our BEST services to our target audience and community. 

Similarly, we need to provide our AWESOME services at the Quora platform too.

If you think you can provide the best answers, go for it and select the question right now.

Always write informative and useful answers to the questions. Few things keep in mind while answering:

• Showing passion for the topic

 Use graphics & visuals whenever needed

• Write always step by step

• Write in a conversational tone and storytelling way

 Use bullet list and number list 

• Link out to other valuable information and sources

• Giving only topic and question-related answers

• Do little research before writing

The more questions you answer, the more visibility and Quora’ presence you gain as well as a lot of upvotes and shares of your content too. 

If your answer gets the much upvotes, then it’ll rank on the top position for that question.

The more you write, the more value you give to Quora network and later you gain the value back.

Link To Your Blog Within Your Answer 

Always remember that Quora is not to link building and driving referral traffic to your blogs or websites.

However, it is all about providing helpful and valuable answers to questions for the community.

If you use Quora in a good manner, one thing you’ll notice that there are a lot of SEO professionals and experts who want to learn from someone and eager to learn from like-minded & intelligent people.

Whenever possible, link your blog article within your Quora answer, but remember that it should be similar to the answers and highlight the link you want to promote.

Share Answers To Social Media Networks

Share your Quora’s expertise on other social media networks.

Share your answers on various social networks to gain authority and credibility. When you’ll share your answer there, then your social media followers get to know about your Quora profile as well. 

The result is, you will get more eyeballs, views, comments, and upvotes to your Quora answer.

Add Links At The End Of Your Answers, Not At The Beginning 

I’ve seen a lot of people use their post links at the beginning, if you’re doing the same thing, then STOP it right now.

Folks do not want to click on your link unless they find it helpful. At first, convince & engage them to your answer before doing anything else.

Add-Links-At-The-End-Of-Your Answers-Not-At-The-Beginning

Give them great solutions for their queries, if they find you useful and meaningful, then they’ll want to know more about you. This is the time you have to add your articles’ link at the end.

If they are genuinely interested in your answer, then they’ll definitely visit your website to check out more, it all depends on them and their interest. 

By the way, most of the bloggers and influencers I’ve seen they use their blogs links in the middle as well.

As you can see above, we took an example of Adam Connell which is the founder of BloggingWizard website. He used his blog links in the middle and at the end on Quora.

Use Time-Saving Trick On Quora

We all have 24 hours a day, we all have the same minutes, we all have even the same seconds, nobody has an extra 1 second or less.

All human beings have the same amount of time to doing anything & many things or nothing. Someone already has been said the TRUE phrase “Time Is Money“.

We have been hearing this phrase for many years. Right?

So also here we’ll use it again on Quora, any idea how?

Do you remember the majority of a time we see the same questions asked by its users again and again on Quora? 

You have to use your smart work here rather than hard work, whatever question you’re answering keep in mind one thing. 

Copy your whole answer and paste it in either Google Docs, Evernote or Simplenote. Whenever you’ll see the same questions again, then immediately you copy your answer from Evernote and paste it to that question.

It will save your lot of time while answering on Quora.

But remember one thing that you don’t have to paste answers directly out there if you do this you’ll become a copy paster or copycat guy soon. You need to add some ingredients or spices into it.

While answering, add different and unique words at the beginning and at the end too. Otherwise, people will see you as a spammer guy who believes in spamming.

Make sure to put great efforts and information at the beginning and ending.

Respond As Quickly As Possible


Whenever you see questions, try to answer it as faster as you can. Asker can give you credit and upvote if you do it in the right way. Your only answer will be visible there and you can easily drive traffic to your websites and blogs. 

Use The “@” Symbol To Tag Content Partners

If you’re using Quora for a while, hopefully, you probably might have heard about “@” symbol, I recently heard about it and didn’t know about it before.

You can leverage the “@” button. As we usually use the “mention” technique on Facebook, it is just similar to that.

Let’s take an example; if someone asks about “10 tips about digital marketing” and you know only 5 tips, then you can “mention” your blogger friend out there.

Some benefits you’ll get whenever you mention someone on Quora:

Asker will find all complete information and knowledge about that question.

If asker already knows regarding you, this is a time when he/she will meet with the new influencer or expert.

Those whom you mentioned within the answer, they will appreciate you. They’ll engage with you and build genuine networks with you. As we already know building true connections is a must for business growth.

Follow Bloggers And Relevant People In Your Industry  

Finding relevant people to follow in the niche is an awesome way to get the most out of it. If you’re following folks already on Quora for a while, that’s awesome. If you aren’t doing it, then start doing it as fast as possible.

In case you follow the professional marketers and experts, you grab their attention in a short time. By the way, you can use the upvoting and answering technique.

This is a technique in which you have to upvoting and commenting on their answers. Whenever you do this kind of activities, you capture their attention suddenly.

As per my experience, whenever I follow them, then some of the folks do the same. 

They also follow me back.

If you’re into SEO and online marketing game, then you can follow few key influencers and SEO experts like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Swadhin Agarwal, Ileane Smith, Nathan Gotch, Donna Merill and so on.

They all can teach you excellent

One amazing thing is here, once you follow favourite peoples and editors, you start getting your Quora feed according to those whom you followed.

In my case, usually most of the time my eyeballs on those people whom I followed whenever I log in. Quora shows me those questions which my followers just answered yet.

You can also take advantage by following them about;  

• how they are writing their answers

• how they are promoting their blogs
• how they’re getting many views on Quora. 
So that you can implement the same way to drive more traffic to your websites. 


For instance, if I follow Swadhin Agarwal on Quora, I can do few more things here. As you can see above pic, we have two more options such as; notify me and ask question button.


If you want to get the latest updates from Swadhin Agarwal on Quora, then select notify me button, you’ll get notified whenever he answer questions and you can also ask questions to him.


Plus, you’re able to see his followers & followings list. At here, one smart thing you can do while using Quora; utilize his following list.


Once you head over to “following”, you start seeing his followings. You can make sure that if he is a great author or content writer, then he will only follow the professionals and you can also make your own followings and increase it by their help.

Find Out Relevant Topics To Follow 

Finding relevant topics to follow is extremely crucial to creating your feed on Quora. 

If you’re into Internet marketing niche, then you can follow topics like link building, SEO, keyword research, blogging, content marketing, social media and so on. 

Let’s take an example, here I’m going to take examples of professional bloggers and web entrepreneurs. 

Did you hear about Nirmala Santhakumar and Akshay Hallur before? 


This one is Nirmala Santhakumar, founder of WPGlossy and MyMagicFundas and…


This guy is Akshay Hallur who is the founder of BloggingX. You can leverage these experts by knowing their expertise in the field. 


As you can see above in the picture, Nirmala ma’am knows about a few topics like WordPress, Blogging and so on and…


Akshay Hallur knows about Search engine optimization, Blogging and web marketing etcetera.

Quora is the smart platform, it creates topics automatically by see your answers. If you’re constantly writing answers on Blogging niche, it will get to know that you have skills around the Blogging industry and you know it well.

As you can see above screenshots, they wrote a lot of answers about particular topics and they have expertise around their niches as well.

Learn From The Experts & Influencers On Quora

If you’re a Quora user, it doesn’t mean that you’re merely a writer, you are also a learner. You can check it out numerous experts there and also learn from them.

They know umpteen things and they have knowledge & experiences of many years in a particular subject. Am I right? 

I learned a lot and developed my online skills and expertise level with the help of them by reading their great answers on Quora. Also, you can learn and copy their writing style or writing skill for your improvement.

Think That I’m An Expert While Answering

I can give you another most effective tip here, think yourself you’re an expert, skilful and talented guy in your field. It will give you enough power and energy to writing well if you use this technique.

Because your brain will consider it true. Once your mind will consider it true, then your whole body will perform well like that mindset and take huge actions.

Believe me. 

Don’t Promote Your Blog Excessively

Use your blog URL naturally within your Quora answers, always remember that nobody loves spam. Don’t over-promote your website, link your blog whenever truly need.

These all above tips going to help you to become more successful in your online career. 


Reading And Writing A Lot

To be a successful blogger or digital marketer, reading and writing BOTHare the most important components.

If you will read articles on a daily basis, you will get 100% positive results.


Yes buddies, if you implement this habit in your blogging life, daily you will learn something new and new useful words in your niche or topic. 

I am also using this method for the last few years.

I was poor in the English language before, because it is not my primary language. So I decided that I will improve my English as much as I can. 

Then I started my English learning journey a few years back.

Today I got positive results and I improved myself a LOT. So you could also improve yourself like me.

Remember that reading articles isn’t only improve your vocabulary, it also improves your knowledge and skills in the industry.

Writing is another essential part of a successful blogger. 

When you completely implement the habit of daily reading blogs. Sure, it affects directly to your writing skill and your own knowledge.

I am saying to you from my experience when I started reading blogs on a daily basis. My writing skills improved a LOT compared to the previous time.

We should focus on one thing, write excellent contents with conversational form.

So you must follow one rule in your blogging journey, always keep reading, reading, reading, and always keep writing, writing, writing a lot.

Build a habit of reading daily and writing daily. I hope you will do it soon for sure.


Write For Audience Not For Search Engines Like Google

Majority of the bloggers and marketers make the mistake of writing for search engines like Google, Bing etc. If you’re one of them, then leave this kind of habit as soon as possible.

I’m not talking about that don’t make SEO friendly articles. Keep in mind that create SEO friendly article but don’t write for search engines only.


Because you’re a blogger and web-based entrepreneur, your first priority should be solving peoples’ problems. Remember that if users and visitors loving your contents, then Google and other search engines will also prefer, no matter what industry you are in. 

Remember that you have to focus only on the audience and community first before doing anything. 


Successful Online Marketers And Entrepreneurs Use These Advanced SEO Tools

Do you want to become a successful digital marketer? If big YES, then use digital marketing tools to grow your brand and online startup.

Tools and software make your online business journey easier. If you want to genuinely save your precious time, then I’ll highly recommend you to use online tools immediately.

Although, you will also get FREE & PAID tools, pick out as per your needs. Free tools give you limited features and while paid tools give you advanced features.

If you decided that you will use tools, then it is going to help you to;

• track your domain positions

• find good and profitable keywords

• backlink analysis

• becoming an authority 

• getting higher rankings on search engines

• find easy to rank keywords or low difficulty keywords

• find out your site speed

• improve your overall SEO and website performance 

• understand your competitors very well

• provide more quality data

• give SUPER in-depth information on each keyword.

Few Great Tools You Must Use To Grow Your Business And Brand Success:

Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool


• Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool

• SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools


• The Ultimate Keyword Tool for SEO | KWFinder by Mangools

Moz: SEO Software


• SpyFu: Free SEO Tools


• Serpstat: All-In-One SEO Platform


Keywords Everywhere: SEO Keyword Tool


• Answer The Public: Free SEO Tools

AnswerThePublic-That-Free-Visual-Keyword Research-&-Content-Ideas-Tool

• Ubersuggest: Keyword Tracking Tool

LongTailPro: The Best Keyword Research Tool for Long Tail Keywords


• Grammarly: Free Writing Assistant


• Alexa: Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, & Website Ranking


• Keyword Tool: #1 Google Keyword Planner Alternative For SEO (FREE)


• Google Keyword Planner


• Soovle Let The Web Help.


• LSIGraph: LSI Keyword Generator (FREE)


• Authority Labs


NinjaOutreach: Influencer and Blogger Marketing Outreach Software


• GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization


Google Trends etc.


Here, I added only a few tools, you’ll get more crucial tools below which aren’t listed above.

Find Out More Amazing Resources Here:

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Successful Bloggers Make Strong Relationships In Their Niche

This strategy still works and will do the same later. Successful influencers make strong relationships with other bloggers in their niche/market.

This is an awesome habit every marketer should build it. They know about this tactic very well as you can’t build an online profitable business without genuine connections alone.

You need people’s help to grow yourself. 

Building networks with other influential people not only helps you to get more exposure and visibility for your businesses, but it also helps you to build quality links.

You can use a FEW techniques to make strong relationships with influencers in your industry:

• By commenting on their blog

• By promoting their stuff

• By mentioning them on your blog

• By guest blogging

• By roundup posting

• By interviewing them  


They Use Commenting Strategy

Some people think that commenting on other blogs doesn’t work, it is not a truth.

Blog commenting is still a WINNER, you can’t neglect it. 

Successful influencers know how to use the blog commenting technique smartly. This is a good habit that everyone should know.

Blog commenting is a great blog promotion strategy to promote your blog with other bloggers and authors in your niche. 

Blog comments are so helpful in many ways:

• It helps you to increase the blog’s authority

• Blog comments are so helpful for your website’s SEO

• It is useful for increasing your overall brand awareness

• Blog comments are helpful for getting more traffic

• It is useful to build meaningful connections  

How Do I Leave Comments On Relevant Blogs To Become Successful?

First of all, you should find the top popular blogs in your niche and make the list of those awesome blogs, then start sending valuable and informative comments on it. 

When you leave some awesome knowledge-based comments on relevant blogs, people want to know more about you and they often click on your comment name.

When they click on that comment name link and if they like your blog and contents. They start engaging with you and with your blog.

When they visit on your blog, you get instantly huge traffic from that relevant blog. This is what you want, isn’t it? 

9 Clever Commenting Tips & Techniques That You Need To Know:

You should know some commenting tips before sending comments anywhere. 

Start Leaving Lengthy Comments

This is the #1 tip to increase your website’s traffic and connections instantly. When you leave a detailed comment on other blogs, you grab the attention of many people as well as the blog author too.

You can do the same.


Most of the successful blogger try to write lengthy comments on other blogs. When you leave lengthy comments on blogs, people start noticing you.


One another thing is that when you read the whole post carefully, then you can make lengthy comments, people don’t actually read the whole post and start leaving comments without reading.


Whether you know it or not most of the bloggers make sure that try to leave 200 words comments on relevant blogs. They usually ask questions, start a conversation with the blog owner and share more tips etc.

Have a look at it:


Become A #1 Commenter
Majority of people say that we don’t get any decent traffic from commenting tactic. 
Did you know why?
The reason is that they usually be the last one blog commenter on blog posts. When you leave a comment at the end on a blog post, it doesn’t get any attention.
Let me tell you with the example, if a top blog getting 50 comments on a post and you are 51st, then you won’t get any attention and advantages.
So always remember that try to be #1 commenter on any blog posts.

Avoid One Or Two Liner Comment

The only big hell mistake that majority bloggers do. They send only one or two liner comments they don’t add any value. They just only say “nice article and blah blah blah”

Have a look at below:






They do it only just for the sake of commenting. So if you’re one of them, avoid it as faster as you can. Do it for adding the value to others’ blog posts.

Read The Whole Post Before Commenting

Most of the blogger do this huge mistake. They don’t read the whole blog post carefully and start leaving comments.

If you do not read the whole content, then you will not know about the topic you’re reading. If you don’t have time, then you can at least read the headlines and some paragraphs of the blog posts.

FREE Subscribe To Your Favourite Blog

You should subscribe to your favourite blog so that you can send your comments out there and build relationships with successful influential people. 

When your favourite blog author will update his blog you get notified.

Don’t Repeat What The Post Just Said

This is another big mistake most bloggers and editors do. 

They send comments which are already been said on the post. Try to add your own flavour, ask questions so that the site owner can reply to you and build connections with each other. 

Always remember, try to adding value with your helpful and meaningful comments.

Ask The Right Questions And Create Discussion

This is one of the amazing strategies to grab people attention to your blog. When you ask the right questions and create discussion in the comments.

People start noticing you. 

They get to know your expertise if you are adding any value out there. 

Use Their Names

While commenting on any blog posts, take time to know the author’s name. If you do comment with their name, it looks attractive comment.

Also, appreciate their efforts if you really liked that post.

Don’t Go Insane When Someone Disagrees With You

You already know that many people use the Internet. Someone can be good and someone can be bad guys. You can see many people leave hatred comments on facebook and youtube etc.

Protect yourself from that kind of guys and stay away from those negative individuals.

When you face this type of people’s comment, you have still two options. Either you can share your own thoughts or simply ignore them. 

Because you don’t have time to fight, the commenting system is for interaction and building relationships with someone, not for fighting.

They Use Promotion Strategy

One of the great strategies you can use to grab the attention of bloggers and readers.

It is blog post promotion tactic.

Do you know you can’t achieve success in any field without getting the help of anyone? This is true, you can not succeed alone.

If you want to be a success in any field you will need support, help and appreciation of people, isn’t it?


Majority of bloggers I have seen that they promote themselves. Yes, it is true, 90% of bloggers promote themselves, they don’t promote any other bloggers’ stuff. 

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share your own stuff on social channels. 

Instead of self-promotion, you should spend some time to promote other bloggers’ content on Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Linkedin. 

By sharing their work, you are providing value to readers as well as building awesome connections with the site owners.

Always make sure that whenever you are promoting someone, tagging them with their usernames so that they will get to know that you are helping them by sharing. 


When you do this, you grab the attention of influencers and provide value to the community. If bloggers will notice you, then they will definitely do the same activities for you.

They will promote YOU too.

As a rule of thumb, share at least 5 blog posts of bloggers on social channels. This will works like a charm and give you massive results in the long run of your blogging career. 

This promotion strategy is also known as cross-promotion technique.

I hope you would like it.


They Use Mentioning Strategy

This technique works like a charm even if you’re new in the industry.

It is very simple and easy method one kid can do. 

External links or outbound links are a primary source of bringing more attention to your website. You get higher rankings when you link to someone. Am I right? 

Majority of content writers and web designers still afraid of linking out to other websites and articles. 

They think that if we link to other resources, it will harm our sites due to some of the following reasons:

1. Readers will leave their sites and never come back

2. Damaging search engines rankings

3. Harm their websites’ reputation

4. Passes link juice

5. Search engines will punish me if I link to bad websites

6. We can’t link to lower PageRank sites

and the list goes on… 

Whenever you write awesome content in your blog always make sure that you are linking out to other authority sites and high-quality articles.


By this way, you can build strong bonds with other blog authors and you can reach out to them via email. 

You can email all of them and let them know about your article. If they like your stuff, they will share it on their social channels and could link back to your website if you are lucky. 

However, you can ask them for sharing your content, commenting and linking back to your site if they don’t do that automatically. 

If you are constantly linking to other bloggers and websites, then they will notice you that you’re helping them to grow their businesses for huge traffic. Similarly, they will start doing the same things.

This thing is known as building business relationships and partnerships between your company and theirs.

Ego-Bait- External-Link-Outbound-Mention-Them

This process is also called ego baiting.

There are many content authors make the mistake of not including outbound links to other blogs and blog posts. 

Whenever you add external links within your articles, Google understands that you are providing useful information and vital knowledge about the particular subject.

If you are not doing this, try to add external links to each of the articles.

Therefore, make sure that your outbound links should be relevant to your content from authentic and high-quality sources.

Believe me, external linking is always good if you have done it correctly. 


Whenever you linking out to external links should be “no-follow” links if you’re linking to social media sites, other products and other affiliate networks etc.


Adding ”do follow” links to other website owners and blog articles is the really great strategy to make genuine connections with them.

Do you know who is superstar Neil Patel?

He is an awesome blogger who uses great strategy to grow his blog, you won’t believe me that he usually link out to 100+ sources in each article.

Neil Patel mentions to dozens of bloggers and influencers in his article and later he reaches out to bloggers who he linked and letting them know about it that he linked to them.

After this, he gets hundreds and sometimes thousands of shares in each article. And tons of traffic back to his website. 

This is the power of external links.

Top 7 Biggest Benefits Of External Linking You Should Know:

1. It makes your site more valuable

2. External links build trust

3. Linking out helps build strong genuine connections

4. Helpful for SEO

5. More brand visibility and awareness

6. Superb for traffic

7. Brand authority

It Makes Your Site More Valuable

Do you know why people visit your blog?

They want to get more information and they want to increase their knowledge in the industry.

Whenever you link out to high-quality sources in your articles, they get help and more info about the particular subject.

Providing credible info should always be your #1 goal.

Best sites and bloggers will routinely make external links.

You should add infographics, external research, charts and surveys of others. This way, readers will gain more stuff through you and thank you later.


External Links Build Trust

External linking build your site’s credibility and add value to your content.

Whenever you provide credible additional info to your readers, they like it. They will connect with you.

Readers think that you REALLY know about a particular subject.

Your research shows that you KNOW about this particular topic.

If any site provides good info, readers want to consume that knowledge and will visit again and again in future.

Linking Out Helps Build Strong Connections

As we already talked about it back, if you add external links within your article, your online friend will do the same thing.

This is called strong business relationships.

Helpful For SEO

Remember, whenever you link out to quality sources from your blog, it helps you in your SEO.

Search engines actually reward your site for relevant external linking. It’s great for SEO and website rankings.

External and internal links are an important component of a strong SEO strategy, both links are useful.

Google loves sites which improve readers experience.

More Brand Visibility

Whenever you mention someone else, you usually get 2 benefits of it.

1. Readers of your blog will see it

2. Big brands and companies will see it whom you mentioned

and when you link out them, then you gain more brand awareness. The best way to make them notice.

Getting More Traffic

Your site gains more traffic because it gains more recognition.  

Whenever you add external links within your blog post, owners of other websites will do the same and you will gain traffic from other websites.


They Use Guest Blogging Strategy

This is one of the excellent ways to grow your blog through guest blogging technique.

In this strategy, you write an article on other authoritative sites to gain more visitors and high-quality links.

Guest posting is the best link building method and also works for SEO purpose.

Do you know when it comes to SEO, it is five times as valuable as creating new content to your site? 

Are you shocked?

If you aren’t satisfied with your blog traffic and not doing guest posting, then I’ll highly recommend you to start right now to gain more influence and more exposure.

Try to write 1000 words daily in a Microsoft word for the practice. When you will do it your self-confidence will be skyrocket.

If you want to guest blogging work for you, then try to find influential blogs first which are most popular and bigger than yours and they have thousands of subscribers. Then after, write and submit a guest post on those blogs.

Most of the bloggers don’t get enough traffic by guest posting because they do it in the WRONG way.

So do you want to know what is the RIGHT way is?

Find influential blogs and bloggers and see their blog post comments and shares. 

If they get comments and shares, it means those are good blogs to doing guest posting because their audience is engaging with them.

Successful Bloggers Do These 5 THINGS Before Writing Guest Article For Someone:

If you’re wondering about writing a post for the blog owner, then you must follow the steps below: 

1. Add Email Subscription Box

2. Well Written “About Me” Page

3. Good Looking Blog

4. Spend 1 Week

5. Pitching Before Write

1. Add Email Subscription Box

I can definitely say that you might have heard about the phrase “money is in the list”. 



Before posting your articles anywhere, add email subscription box on your blog. 

Add it on the homepage, sidebar of the website and use the popup subscription form to get your followers and subscribers email addresses.

Use beautiful subscription box to capture your subscribers. They love you that is why they easily leave their email addresses.    

2. Well Written “About Me” Page

Do you know that your “about me” page is the second most visited page on your blog?


By the way that’s true. When new visitors come on your blog, then they want to know more about YOU. 

They could think like this:

• Who are you?

• Where are you from?

• How long have you been working online?

• Which education skills or qualifications do you have?

• Which language you mostly prefer for speaking purposes?

• How many hours do you spend to your website?

• What are your goals and the main motive for the blog?

So make it awesome and write it very well. New readers will start getting to know you, your name and your blog. 

This is the time where you start your connections with readers.

3. Good Looking Blog

The first impression is the last impression in the world, the same applies to blogs.

Do you love worse things?


Your blog design matters a LOT.

If they like your blog design and navigation, then they will stay on your website for a long time and boost the blog’s bounce rate which is helpful for SEO efforts.

4. Spend 1 Week At least

This is the time when you connect and interact with your new audience.  

After writing a great guest post, you have to spend your time at least 7 days with your new visitors for engaging and connecting with them.

Most of the bloggers make the mistake of NOT responding to their new readers.

So make sure that you spend some time for new viewers and readers.

5. Pitching Before Writing 

Majority of blog owners write the article first, then after sending a pitch. So you need to make sure that pitching ideas first and writing stuff for them later.

At first give them few topic ideas, if they wouldpick one and say that go-ahead for it. 

Now you’re ready to write your guest content.

How To Do Guest Blogging To Becoming A Successful Blogger And Author In The RIGHT Way?

In this section, I’m going to teach you the right method of guest posting. 

Let’s dive in.

1. Know Your Guest Blogging Goals 

2. Finding The Right Blogs And Websites

3. Great Networking With Website Owners

4. Make Your Pitch

5. Create Your Content

6. Responding Time

7. Promote Your Guest Posts    

1. Know Your Guest Blogging Goals

At first, you should know about your guest blogging goals. It is very essential before doing anything.

You should ask yourself why are you doing guest posting?

Basically, there could be your 4 main goals of guest blogging:

• Positioning yourself as an expert or authority

• Driving massive traffic to get more leads and sales

• Brand awareness of your blog

• Building high-quality links to your website

If you want above #1, #2 and #3 things, then you need to find blogs which are most popular in your niche. I am pretty sure you will get all those 3 things.

In case you want #4, then you need to find strong domain authority

Congrats you have accomplished all.

2. Finding The Right Blogs And Websites

When you now found your guest blogging goals, then it is a time to find blogs where you are going to do your amazing guest post. 

First, we will need to know how to find the right blogs for guest writing.

Here are a few wonderful techniques below.

Best 6 Methods To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities Or Targets

There are a lot of ways to finding great guest posting sites, but here I am going to show you my favourite ways and which are very popular in the SEO and marketing industry.

#1 The Google Search Method

Our first technique is Google search method.  

If you have any problem in your life, 99% of your problem Google can solve. 

Here also we will take help of the biggest search engine, Google. We have few Google searches queries include:

Your keyword + “write for us”

Your keyword + “guest article”

Your keyword + “contributing writer”

Your keyword + “become a guest blogger”

Your keyword + “this is a guest post by”

Your keyword + “submit blog post”

To know more queries, see the list of search queries from Optimize Smart for even more suggestions.

Check out these screenshots below to know better:

SEO-Blogs + Write-For-Us

You can see above we have found a few SEO blogs…

Email-Marketing + Write-For-Us

…and email marketing sites who want to write for them. Such as Mondovo, MailerLite and GetResponse etc.


#2 The Influencer Method

This is 
mine one of the favourite methods to find guest blogging sites, it’s a very simple and effective method. 

You have to do only 2 things:

1. Find a top influential blogger or author in your industry

2. Follow the blogs where they have guest blogged on

If you have been working online for a long time, then you would know about a few top influencers in your niche.

Am I right?

You have to simply do Google search. For example:

Guest post + “influencer name”

Guest post + “influencer’s website name”

As you can see below, I have taken an example of Kulwant Nagi.


and now I’ve found too many authority blogs to target. 

Such as Bloggers Passion, Digital Vidya, Techmagnate, SoravJain, BloggersIdeas,Siddharth Rajsekar,Digital Deepakand so on.

If a top influential blog writer is a good and great blogger, then you can make sure that he will always write a guest post only on top authority sites.

#3 The Competitor Backlinks Method

In this method, you have to put your competitor’s URL into the SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush or Open Site Explorer.

You can use any one of them. Here I’ve used all the SEO tools to teach you better. Pick any one tool which I have given above and find backlink profileoption.

Great, you have found. Now click on top referring domains option. 

Then, it will look like this:


This is Ahrefs tool.

This one is SEMrush.
It is Open Site Explorer.

You can see in the above screenshots, we have found many good quality blogs and websites within a minutes. 

So you can find guest blogging sites by using this technique.

#4 The Twitter Search Method

Do you know twitter search results are fresher than Google’s search results?

You heard absolutely correct, here we will use the Twitter social platform. 


This is one another good technique to find high authoritative guest posting sites. Here we are going to use Twitter search method.

As you can see above I used “Blogging + Guest Post” search string. 

And now the results are in front of you.


I used many search strings to teach you better, for example:

Content Marketing + Guest Post

Digital Marketing + Guest Post 

SEO + Guest Post 

Look below screenshots to know better.

This is “content marketing + guest post” query. 


And this is “digital marketing + guest post” query. 


And this last one is “SEO + guest post” keyword query. 


So this is a GREAT way to find sites that accept guest post.

#5 The Google Reverse Image Search Method

This one is a little bit different method according to the above techniques.

Again we are going to use Google. But this time we will take the help of Google images bar. 

We will find authority sites by Google image search method. This one is the most effective and unique method to find blogs that accept guest post.


First step: Head over to Google Images.


Second step: Click on the camera icon. 


Third step: Copy the URL of the headshot of the author.


Fourth step: And paste it into the Google image search bar. You can upload an image too. 




Congratulations, you have got now many authority blogs and websites where Ryan Biddulphguest blogged on before. 

It is not necessary that Ryan wrote the guest post on those sites. 

Because we found these websites by IMAGE search. 

I checked out these sites and I found that Ryan’s pic is AVAILABLE in the comment section or within the blog post.

That is another reason why few of the sites shown out there. 

#6 Few More Methods

These are the sites where you can find out a lot of authoritative websites and blogs related to any niche.

But it doesn’t mean that every site accepts guest authors, check it out manually. 



Feedly is one of the best and most popular RSS feeds. It provides you with good sources for any niche.

I use Feedly tool to stay up to date myself with what’s happening in my industry.

It helps me in getting the latest news for my niche, you can also use it.


You can see above my favourite online sources list which I have blurred.

You can follow your favourite blogs by using this awesome tool.

Click on add content to follow awesome sites.


Once you click at add content, then you will see like this. Here you can type your keywords related to your niche.

But if you don’t search anything, then scrolling down.

And here’s what you found?

You have found great and popular topics related to any niche.

I’d like to click on the marketing option because it’s a lovable topic for me.

In case you don’t pick any topic above, then scroll down again. Still, a few of the most popular topics are waiting for you.


When I clicked on “SEO” (you can explore content marketing and writing topics as well), then I got many SEO quality blogs out there and found one more thing. 

Do you want to know what?

Look below:

I found many related topics to my query with hashtags.


This site provides us a layout that is great, usually, I prefer cards view.

So this is an excellent website to discover blogs and websites related to any industry.


Did you ever hear about AllTop.com before? If yes, that’s awesome.

It is a very helpful and useful website for online marketers and entrepreneurs.

AllTop is a popular news site for any niche, it collects top news and information from many industries.

But here we will take advantage of it to finding high authority blogs for guest posting. 

How To Discover Websites For SEO Industry On AllTop?

If you are from the SEO profession, then follow a few steps below:


Click on “business” option.


Then click on “SEO” option.

Now let’s see what’s happened next below.


As you can see above we have got so many top popular SEO websites.

Such as SearchEngineJournal, SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineLandAhrefs, Backlinko etcetera.

But remember that we have found only quality sites, it doesn’t mean that we can guest blog on. 

So contact the webmasters and site owners. 

You must use these websites MyBlogGuest and Guest Crew as well.

3. Great Networking With Website Owners

Building connections with your targets are a very important part of a guest blogging strategy.

Usually, those blog owners accept guest posts who already know YOU. 

If you’re pitching them as a stranger, then they will think that who is this GUY? Because they do not know about you a little bit.

So try to make your identity first in front of them so that you can write to them. 

Follow A Few Steps Below:

Write Awesome Comments

Leave longer and valuable comments on their latest posts frequently, sign up for their email marketing newsletter, from this way they will get to know you who you are.

When you’ll send a pitch for a guest article, they will say that “Ohh this guy is JOHN who leaves awesome comments” on my blog posts. (We already talked about it) Isn’t it? 

So this is a great way to make them notice by leaving genuine comments.

Share Articles On Your Social Media Networks

After reading their content, share it on your social media networks plus don’t forget to tag them. 

Follow them on Twitter, respond to 2-3 tweets and make sure that use their @username on Twitter. 

If you follow the above steps, then you won’t be a complete stranger or an unknown guy for them. 

4. Make Your Pitch

You’ve found your guest blogging goals (good), you’ve found your targets to write the guest blog post on. Even you’ve made strong connections with them.

Now the time is to make your pitch for them.

Here’s how to do it:

How To Make Your Pitch Most Effective:

Keep The Pitch Short

Most of the site owners don’t have time to read your long email. If they are an authority, then they get TONS of pitches daily. So don’t waste their precious time.

Make the pitch short and sweet and to the point.

Use Their Name

Most of the people send emails, but they don’t know site owners names so before sending your pitch, take time to know their names.

Include The Post Title

Most of the successful bloggers and authors use this technique and use their headings in the email subject. 

Use buzzsumo tool to find the best headings and use them within your email.

If they will like your title, you’ve won the half-game.

Describe The Post Briefly

We have been already talked about it, time is money and it will always be.

So make your email short and describe your post in a few sentences and with the help of bullet points and numbered list. 

Content Is Helpful

Say them and let them know about it why your content is awesome for their readers. 

5. Create Your Content

If your pitch is now accepted by a website owner, then this is a time to creating great content for them.

Few Basic Tips:

Use Images 

Whenever you use images in the articles, it makes quality content with easy to understand. 

Add Links

Use good resources for your guest post, using relevant links are helpful for SEO purposes.

Bullet Points 

Add bullet points in the guest post which looks awesome and easy to read. 

Short Sentences & Paragraphs  

Keep sentences short almost 15 to 30 words and paragraphs almost 2 to 3 sentences are well enough (press enters at most). 

Keyword Research 

Researching keyword plays a very important role in your post, and use it wisely to gain more exposure.

Sub Headings

Use subheading as much as you can to provide useful information and experiences to the visitors. 

6. Responding Time

You have written the article and it got published on their site. Now, this is a time to respond to your new audience.

New readers will be happy to see if you reply your answers to their queries.

They will engage with you if you respond to them. The blog owner will also love it for sure.

7. Promote The Content

Promotion is the KEY.

Promote your guest post on social media networks like you share your own stuff.

Editors will be happy to see their traffic and rankings growth after  your guest post promotion. 

You Get a FEW Benefits Whenever You Do Guest Blogging

1. Getting High-Quality Targeted Traffic

2. Boost Brand Awareness & Exposure

3. Earn Backlinks

4. Improve Writing Skills

5. Grow Subscribers Base

6. Improves Online Authority In The Industry

7. Builds Strong Bonds With Editor

1. Getting High-Quality Targeted Traffic

Whenever you post your guest article for big sites, you get targeted traffic for your own blog.

The question is:


If you share incredible information and knowledge out there, then your new readers will want to know more about your site.

Then, they’ll click and come.

Remember: First you have to choose a similar blog just like yours so that you can gain a good amount of referral and targeted audience.

2. Boost Brand Awareness & Exposure

Your guest content not only give you targeted traffic, but it also helps you to boost your brand awareness and your exposure as well.

Let’s say that if you wrote a guest article on the huge blog and suppose your guest post is getting 500 views daily on that blog post.

Could you THINK?

How many people have seen that post?

Then, you’ll see the growth of your own blog, most people will come from search engines by typing your brand name and your own.

3. Earn Backlinks

When it comes to quality links, you already know about what its importance is in SEO ranking factors.


If you write for the authoritative blog, then you can get many SEO advantages for your web pages rankings.

It is a wonderful technique for building quality links from a similar niche.

4. Improve Writing Skills

Whenever you write a guest article for them, you might think that this piece of content going to publish in front of many individuals.

At that time, you give your best to writing awesome contents and you have to be aware of writing.

So you try to write point to point, word to word, mistakes free and without a grammatical error. That’s when you improve your writing skills.

5. Grow Subscribers Base

For example, let’s say you’re reading an article from the authoritative blog and the site is so nice. You’re increasing your knowledge in that niche from there.

But the problem is that you want to connect with them, gain more knowledge, experience, and information from there.

Then the easy way to connect with them is leaving email addresses with your name.

Similarly, whenever you write an article for them, their readers like you and want to connect with you for more updates.

That’s why they leave their personal information in the email newsletter field, and results? we get lots of subscribers.

6. Improves Online Authority In The Industry  

Guest blogging is a quickest and most effective way of building authority in your niche.

If you publish credible information on the targetted authoritative blog, then you earn TRUST & RESPECT online for your brand.

Anyway, you already know building online trust and influence is too much important for any businesses.

The new audience sees you as an expert and you get tons of advantages later if you contribute in the right way.

7. Builds Strong Bonds With Editor

Collaborating with others is just not about getting links and traffic, but it is also helpful for making genuine relations with influencers & bloggers.

Countless advantages you can get by building networks with website owners:

• They could mention you

• They could invite you to meetups & roundup posts

• They could help you in any way

• They could promote you in their community


Remember That Successful Content Writers And Website Owners Have Blogging Goals And Tactics

Do you want to become a successful author and influencer in your niche? Then, you need to set goals and strategies first to your online business. 

Actually, your goals and tactics help you to achieve success quickly in any field. Always remember that whenever you do any work or activity, first make goals around them. 

In fact, goals and visions always make your journey easier. So keep in mind that first make goals, targets and deadlines before starting anything. 

Here we are going to talk about a few goals and aims that you could implement in your online journey.

10 Fantastic Goals You Might Follow To Your Blog Success

• Publish 1 Blog Post Within 7 Days Or 15 Days

• Build Connections With 2 Influencers And SEO Experts In 1 Month

• Write 5 Comments On Relevant Blogs Every Week

• Boost My Traffic

• Subscriber Goals

• Learn More About SEO

• Enhance Social Media Presence

• Website Income Goals 

• Guest Posting Goal On Another Blog

• Say Yourself That “I Can” 

Publish 1 Blog Post Within 7 Days Or 15 Days

Most of the online marketers say that write daily and publish on a daily basis, but it’s not true. Think yourself that if you post daily, then how will you do research, how will you collect data?

Because you don’t have much time to research and collect data if you write daily. And remember that readers always want data and information from you. So always try to spend much time to create a better blog post. 

However, you might fix a target about publishing a blog post within 7 to 15 days. Focus on writing great content instead of generic content. 

Build Connections With 2 Influencers And SEO Experts In 1 Month

Maybe you might have heard; networking is a key. If you create a network with influential people, they directly help you with your business growth.

Making 2 connections within a month with the bloggers going to help you a LOT in the long run. So you might set this goal to your online business strategy.

In case, you start building 2 connection within a month, then you will have 24 connections and networks in 1 year. Great deal! So if you aren’t building networks with the SEO experts, I’ll highly recommend you to start doing it right now.

This goal strategy going to make your online startup successful and profitable soon. 

Write 5 Comments On Relevant Blogs Every Week  

Leaving a comment on your competitors’ blogs won’t give you only referral traffic, while it gives you visibility too and helps you engage with them.  

If you aren’t writing comments for other blogs, then you must start it now. If you’re already doing it, then leave it. So you can set this goal for your success. 

Boost My Traffic

As a new blogger or experienced blogger, you already know blog traffic is a kind of fuel which assists us in our overall growth in our businesses.

You could set 5 months goals of increasing your website traffic just like below;

1 Month – 2,000 pageviews

2 Month – 4,000 pageviews

3 Month – 7,000 pageviews

4 Month – 10,000 pageviews

5 Month – 15,000 pageviews

Subscriber Goals

As we already know, building a subscriber list around our blog is quite necessary and profitable for our products and affiliate sales.

However, you could set these monthly goals to your blog success;

1 Month – 30 new subscribers 

2 Month – 80 new subscribers

3 Month – 120 new subscribers

4 Month – 180 new subscribers

5 Month – 240 new subscribers

Learn More About SEO

You might set a goal to learn more about SEO if you don’t know about it much. Actually, SEO plays an important role in our business success.

Without search engine optimization you are nothing. Everyone wants to get great Google search engine rankings. So you can add this goal strategy if you really don’t aware about SEO.

Enhance Social Media Presence 

I know you are so much busy as a blogger and Internet-based entrepreneur. I know that you don’t have enough time to spend on social media networks and even with your family too.

In fact, it’s extremely necessary to spend your precious time on social channels to promote your stuff. Pick two or three social channels first and focus on it.

Don’t concentrate on every social platform, if you focus on a lot of social channels, it becomes hard to spend your valuable time on it.

So always choose 3 platforms and focus on it. For example, I prefer Facebook, Twitter and Quora to my business and it really works like a charm.

If you aren’t using social media sites due to time shortage, then you should set this goal and strategy to your benefit.

Website Income Goals

When it comes to content marketing or blogging, building a profitable website is our #1 priority. Generating income from our blogs is our number one task before doing anything.

Perhaps, you couldn’t blog for a long run if you don’t make anything from it. If we earn through our blogs, then it becomes easier for us to become more consistent with our online business or startup. 

Am I right?

By the way, you might set these monthly income goals to your brand growth and website success.

Look at the following monthly income aims that you might set;

1 Month – $0

2 Month  – $10

3 Month – $40

4 Month – $120

5 Month – $250

6 Month – $480

7 Month – $750

8 Month – $1000

9 Month – $1500

10 Month – $2300

11 Month – $2800

12 Month – $3500

Guest Posting Goal On Another Blog

You are writing on your blog, great, but if you aren’t writing to other blogs. It is one kind of mistake you are doing in online businesses, isn’t it?

Guest blogging not only give you traffic, but it also gives you visibility and quality links too. If you are one of them who isn’t publishing on other blogs, start publishing for them.

Make a habit of writing guest content for other website owners once in 2 months.

Say Yourself That “I Can”

If you aren’t motivated and inspire, then you can set this goal to your digital marketing career.

Believe in yourself and your abilities. If you build this kind of mindset, your online journey becomes easier. 

Lord Buddha says that “You will become what you think“. So this positive mindset going to take you to the next level.

My experience says that motivation works like a fuel in our life. So try to make your mindset positive in every situation.


Don’t Be Busy, Be Productive Instead

As an author and website owner, we are too much busy to making our startup more successful and profitable in each day.


We spend a lot of time on social media networks. I know that is necessary for us to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Think about it, we scroll our social channels feeds, scrolling, scrolling and scrolling. And there is no much need as well.

Then the question is why do we do this?

Actually, we lose our precious time by doing this. STOP it if you are already doing this. Make sure you spend 1 to 2 hours on social media sites daily and don’t scroll too much, please.

Make sure you become productive instead of too much busy.

5 Beautiful Ways To Become More Productive Right Away

1. Make A List Of Tasks

When you start your day, you need to organize your every day wisely, just ask me how?

You might write your daily tasks and goals on the blank paper and try to achieve it. By doing this, you can accomplish more tasks and improve your focus and productivity level too.

Although, you can use lovely tools like ToDoIst, Wunderlist and Evernote to enhance your productivity.

2. Stop Distractions 

Everyone suffers from distractions. In the blogging or digital world, social media is an important place for bloggers as well as distraction platform too.

Remember that we don’t need to connect and engage with our followers 24/7, stop it quickly if you’re doing this.

Stay away from your smartphone or make it silent while you working on your blog post or writing an article.

Make your surroundings silent if you really want to do creative and awesome work on your website. Turn it off your TV if it is on.

3. Start Your First Task And Set A Timer

For example, if you are working on one subheading within your blog content, you might set a deadline to your little goal. Just like “how much time should I spend at it?”

So make sure to become productive, refresh and creative rather than busy in the workplace.

4. Health Goals

If you are doing online business or work, there is no doubt about it takes a lot of brainpower, isn’t it?

What if you do not even think well? 

You know life is all about balance. If you are unable to think properly, then it would be the very worst moment in life.

So you need to focus on your mental and physical health too. You have nothing if you haven’t good health.

Please make sure your focus on your health before doing anything online. If your brain works great, then you can do creative and productive work.

Make Paragraphs Short At Least 3 Lines

Make sure you use short paragraphs within your content, it looks sweet and easy to read. I have seen most marketers use too long paragraphs.

And it becomes overwhelming for users.

As per me, 25-30 words are great when it comes to paragraphs. Successful editors already know this strategy well.


Use Terms Like “I” And “You”

Make sure you use terms like “I” and “You” within your blog post. Visitors feel interactive and engaging with you when you use these words.

It looks like a conversation with readers. 

They feel a connection with you when you use these terms. They will be more likely to leave a comment on your articles. Successful authors already know about it. 

You can check this article, I have used many times these words “I” and “You”.


Use Strategy “Stand Out From The Crowd” By Successful Digital Bloggers

To become a successful editor or content marketer, first you need to learn how to become stand out from the crowd. Everyone wants to taste #1 ranking on search engines, right?


Most of the blogs and websites have been launching every single day. The problem is that the COMPETITION is going to skyrocket. 

It is hard to RANK on Google, but still it’s possible if you work very well. To stand out in the crowd, you have to do quality work first. Always make sure that you work better than your competitors or rivals.

For instance, if a lot of marketers and editors are providing “5 tips” out there and you are also providing “5 tips”, then what are you doing here special, different and extraordinary? 

You will need “50 tips” to make your identity different from the crowd in the web businesses. 

3 Best Ways To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd:

1. Use Great Headlines

Your blog’s headlines play an important role when it comes to online business. Majority of the bloggers publish similar kind of title on their blogs.

Literally, few of them publish something different and unique. To be stand out from the crowd, you need to create genuinely killer, catchy, clickable headlines to your websites.

Most of the studies are saying that 80% of the people read only HEADLINES, the remaining 20% of users actually click at it.

2. Focus On One Particular Industry

If you concentrate on a particular niche, you can easily stand out in the business. 

Ask me big how?

If you focus on a particular one subject, you become an expert in it, you become a game player on it. Because you have plenty of knowledge in a specific area.

Assume that you are working on different niches on your websites, then you’ll have different knowledge and data.

You’ll have “wider” knowledge and its don’t actually need and it’ll be impossible to stand out certainly.

So make sure you have to work on a “deeper level” rather than “wider level”.

3. Create Unique & Useful Content

Content is king, even content is everything when it comes to the blogging and online marketing industry. Do extensive research as much as you can about a particular topic to your blog post.

Come up with something unique ideas, help Google’s users and provide much value out there.


Successful Online Publishers Use Bookmarking Sites And Blogging Marketing Forums

Do you know that most of the successful bloggers and authors use bookmarking sites? 

If you aren’t using this kind of sites, then I would highly recommend you to start using it as soon as possible.

It is very simple to do, you need to sign up and log in to your account and start engaging with the community. 

Bookmarking sites give you tons of traffic and also helps you with improving your SERP in the SEO industry. Spend your active time and build your name out there if you genuinely want to gain MUCH traffic.

Do you know that the links come from these sites are qualified links, when you submit your posts into the sites, then you improve your overall website’s backlink profile.

Most people think that social bookmarking sites come in black hat SEO, while the truth is that these sites come in purely white hat SEO. So you can build links without worrying much about it.

As we already know that search engines prefer updated, fresh and highly relevant results, social bookmarking sites are doing the same things already.

10 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites You Should Know With DA

There are literally hundreds of bookmarking sites out there and most of them are not really effective, you must use these BEST sites.

• Pinterest (DA: 98)

• Reddit (DA: 97)

• We Heart It (DA: 97)

• Digg (DA: 94)

• StumbleUpon (DA: 94)(StumbleUpon is now known as Mix) 

• Diigo (DA: 92)

• Slashdot (DA: 92)

• Pocket (DA: 92)

• Scoop.it (DA: 92)

• Folkd (DA: 87)


Discussion forums are a great place for editors and digital marketers to expand their online knowledge and skills. 

You can share your tips and tricks in the forums and ask questions related to blogging and the internet marketing industry. If you aren’t using forums already, make sure you start using it right now.

You might get a ton of visitors and online visibility by using discussion forums.

10 Best Blogging And Internet Marketing Forums You Must Use Today:




• Blog Engage

• Kingged

• Wicked Fire

• Warrior Forum

• SEO Chat

• Inbound Growth

• Digital Point

Blogging Forum


Professional Bloggers Use Expert Roundups Technique To Become More Successful

Most of the professional bloggers and SEO experts I’ve seen who leverage the roundup post all of the time.

That’s why I added this technique here so that you can get the most out of it.

Did you ever use roundup post method to your website or blog? Or do you have any idea about it?

Here we will talk about experts roundup post to become a successful blogging expert and online journey.

By the way, do you know what is a roundup post?

A roundup post could be a collection of tools, strategies, tactics, quotes, case studies, very specific questions, experts and bloggers, contents, product creator quotes by influential people.

80% of the expert roundup post is created by bloggers and influencers and 20% of the content is created by you.

It means that they spend their 80% efforts and you spend only 20% efforts to creating content. Awesome!

Whenever you work on roundup post, you immediately boost your online authority and visibility. People see you as an authority in your niche.


The audience will think that why other authorities will give you their precious time? Though, most of them will not contribute to you due to the time issue.

They get a lot of roundups requests each and every day in their extremely busy email inboxes, that’s why they can’t respond to you, but few of them can answer a very simple question in minutes.

Keep in mind one thing while selecting participants to your roundup post, they must have some authority and reputation in your industry so that they can teach something special to the community. 

If they don’t know about their niche, then they will be unable to teach the community.

Expert roundups are the most effective way to gain traffic, social shares, loads of comments and relevant backlinks. Also, it is excellent for SEO.

7 Pro Tips To Using Expert Roundup Technique Smartly

1. Finding The Right Question And Topic

2. Creating A List Of Right Experts To Your Roundup

3. Collect Experts & Influencers Contact Details

4. Create A Google Form For Them To Submit Their Answers

5. Sending Out Email Invitations With Your Questions

6. Construct Your Expert Roundup Content Now

7. Publish The Roundup Content & Let Them Know The Post Is Live By Emailing

Finding The Right Question And Topic

Finding the right question is a very important step towards the successful expert roundup post.

At first, you have to find those questions which your target audience is dying to know about that. You need to find out their pain points first and your questions should be focused on solutions.

Remember, the bigger their problem, the more they’ll be interested in your roundup.

Make sure that your questions should be very specific and easier for them to answer. Because they receive tons of expert roundup request every day and they are extremely busy guys.

If you’re new in this game, don’t worry. We have a few most amazing tools that will help you to create your first roundup.

You can use tools like Ahrefs content explorer, Buzzsumo or Quorato find the most trending query and get the ideas related to your industry from there.

How would you use those tools? 

You could type your query or keywords out there and those tools going to give you a good amount of titles and headlines which have been performing well on Google and other social media sites. 

All you need to do is pick one of the headlines that you like and create your blog post around that topic. That way you can explore more contents and opt it as per your convenience.

However, you might work on these impressive following topics such as:

• What is your number one tip for…?

• What is the biggest mistake you made when you first started…?

• What’s the one tip you would give to someone new to affiliate marketing?

• What’s the biggest mistake you made when starting your online business, and what have you learned from it? 

• What’s your most effective method for promoting a brand new blog post?

These are just examples, you can make your own.

Creating A List Of Right Experts To Your Roundup

If you selected the right question to ask them, then the next step for you is to create a list of experts and influencers to your roundup post.

Choose experts who have a great audience.

If you have been working in your niche for a while, you hopefully have an idea about the experts. 

Am I right?

In case you don’t know about them, no worry. 

You can do simply Google and type there “Top (industry name) influencers or experts or bloggers’ name” or you can search for roundup posts on Google and see who participated there (another great tactic). 

You need to find the right influencer because they create 80% of your post so it’s very important to pick them wisely. 

Make Sure They Have These Skills Before Picking Them For Roundups

By the way, you can opt them based on these following things, if they will have these skills, then your blog post will perform well on everywhere:

1. Are They Popular or Famous

2. Check Out Their Shares Activity 

3. Have They Ever Contributed Before

4. Make Sure They Are Awesome Writer

1. Are They Popular Or Famous

You can check out their popularity if they are famous. They must have a good amount of followers and readership. Now you can pick them blindly.

2. Check Out Their Shares Activity 

You can pick them by seeing their sharing others’ stuff activity on their social media networks. Because there are two kinds of influencers.

First one is who shares content on social channels and another one doesn’t. So you can select your roundup by seeing their social media activity.

3. Have They Ever Contributed Before

If they have contributed a lot before for someone else, this is a good signal for you. They will definitely participate for you as well.

4. Make Sure They Are Awesome Writers

Writing skill matters a lot in online marketing as we already know it. You can check out their writing skills on their blogs or other contributions. It’ll give you tons of ideas about how they are good at writing purposes.

Check them out are they worthy of attention for audience and users?

Collect Experts & Influencers Contact Details

After creating a list of SEO experts or influential people, you need to gather their contact details now.

For instance, you can create a spreadsheet where you will get their basic contact detail information. Such as their blog name, blog URL, founder name, twitter handle and email addresses. 

If you’re unable to find their email addresses, then you can find it in a top side or footer side on the blog or you can search for it on search engines, such as; Blogname.com/contact

Create A Google Form For Them To Submit Their Answers

Google form is the best way to organize their roundup answers easily and nicely. You should ask them about their name, website, question, profile pic, Twitter handle and a short bio.  

Sending Out Email Invitations With Your Question

After creating a Google form for them, it is a time to send roundup invitations to the experts and influential folks. Be sure that their time is valuable.

So make your email short and sweet, simple to read and to the point. Some of them will respond you back, then don’t forget to thank them and let them know when you’re going to publish the post. 

Construct Your Expert Roundup Content Now

This is the time when you have a lot of responses from influencers. Now arrange all answers systematically and in a good manner.

Include all following components like;

• Use their photos (take it from their social media channels)

• Add their full name

 Use their website or blog link

• Use their 2 lines bio

• Use their twitter handle

• Add Answers by them.

If you do not know how to do that, here are examples below of well expert roundup posts;

 25 Valuable Lessons from Seriously Successful Writers

• 17+ Experts Suggest “3 Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Always Make & How to Fix Them”

• How to Write Your First Blog Post (16,000-word Guide + 65 Expert Tips)

Publish The Roundup Content & Let Them Know The Post Is Live By Emailing

You have completed and finished the roundup post now. Right? 

All you need to do is publish the post and let the experts know about it. Don’t forget to construct a superb template for emailing them.

Few More Stunning Tips To Make Your Roundup Post Most Successful

• Create A Beautiful Headline

• Introduce Your Roundup Participants

• Make A Good Looking Featured Image

• Add Picture Quotes  

Few More Stunning Tips To Make Your Roundup Post Most Successful

If you follow these basic tips to your roundup post, then you can achieve most of the things. It will give you loads of benefits in the long run.

Create A Beautiful Headline

In case you wish to more clicks to your roundup post, then you need to make a catchy and attention-grabbing titles.

Your content headline tells them everything about what contains within the post. It’ll attract and engage more Google users and audience for your post.

Have a look at below to know more;

• 130+ Online Experts Share their Sleep and Productivity Secrets

75 SEO Experts Share Their Best Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic in 2018

Affiliate Marketing Trends: 37 Experts Share Their Thoughts On The Future Of Affiliate Marketing

One professional tip I’d like to give you here, insert words like “industry experts, web entrepreneurs, influencers, professionals or pros and thought leaders” in your headlines etcetera.  

These eyes catchy words going to tell them how awesome your blog post is. However, you can also use [brackets] in the headlines for more clicks.

Introduce Your Roundup Participants

If possible, introduce every influencer as briefly as you can. This tip going to helpful for your community.

Just ask me, why? 

Few people might know about them and few of them don’t. It will be useful for those who don’t know about someone expert at all

Whether you can mention their achievements and success in fewer words, folks will be more familiar with them later.

Solve Your Readers’ Problems

Whenever you’re crafting expert roundup, first think about why are you gathering all of them in one place?

Ask yourself first, why?

While creating roundup, ask yourself what problems or pain points are you going to solve for your readers and community?

If you’re solving huge issues of peoples, they’ll huge appreciate you later.

Make A Good Looking Featured Image 

Majority of us already know about how much worth of single image in online work. 

Am I right?

Create the most beautiful image as good as you can for your roundup post. We are already aware of one image = 1000 words.

By the way, you can use tools like Canva, PicMonkey or PhotoScape.

Look the beautiful image below as an example by Jeff Goins founder of Goins Writer.


Add Picture Quotes


You can provide more value by adding picture quotes to your blog post. Also, you can use tweetable quotes which are shareable on Twitter.


Interviewing Influential People Makes You Most Successful Publisher


I have seen the majority of the successful entrepreneurs and bloggers conduct an interview on their websites and blogs. That is why I include this topic on here.

This one is just a little bit similar like expert roundup that we have already done above and the steps below are also similar. 

Conducting the interview with influencers and experts is one of the best techniques you should use to your blogs and websites.

You boost instantly your authority and website success during the time of the interview.

Let me give you a few reasons below why you should conduct an interview for your online business.

Benefits Of Interviewing Top Influencer & Blogger: 

 You capture targeted relevant audience and users

 You earn an authoritative link from trusted sources

 You provide so much value to your community and viewers by influencer’s expertise and skills

 You build genuine long term relations and networks with interviewee plus readers

 You get to know more about expert and entrepreneur 

 You get to know about the success secret of the top blogger and writer

 You show authenticity and credibility to Google that both are amazing websites 

 Both business owners craft quality content together

 You can make the video with them too

and the list goes on and on…

Do You Know How Many Ways Can You Conduct An Interview?

Here are several popular ways to conduct interviews such as:

 Text format interview (majority business owners prefer)

 Live interview video recording format

 Audio file format interview

 You can host a webinar

 You can also use Skype, Google Hangouts and emailing method

Provide multiple options to your interviewee for conducting the interview, if they have many ways, then they can pick one of them whatever way they are comfortable with. 

Make this as easy for them.

5 Most Essential Tips To Doing Interview In The Right Way To Become Successful Publisher & Marketer:

• Identify Experts And Influencers

• Get Their Contact Information Or Email Addresses

• Sending Interview Request Or Emailing Them

• Prepare The Interview

• Promote Your Interviews

Identify Experts And Influencers

As a blogger, your first step is to find the right interviewee or expert to your interview post. Make sure that your interviewee should be most profitable to your readers and audience.

Look For These 2 Things In Your Interviewee While Choosing Them:

• Meaningful

• Influential 


If you’re selecting the influencer for your interview, then you should make sure that they are helpful and profitable to your community.

For instance, assume that if I have a lot of skills, info and knowledge about SEO, Blogging and online marketing industry, but don’t have content writing skills. 

However, on the other hand, another blogger has superb writing skills. So they can contact each other.

So my meaning is here that opt always profitable people for your interview purpose. 


You need to find those interviewees who are most influential and powerful in their niche. They should have their social media following, a great long email list, huge audience and traffic.

If you are working with these types of influential folks, then you can easily capture their audience to yours.

Get Their Contact Information Or Email Addresses

After identifying experts and influencers to your interview, our next step is to find their contact information and details.

Actually, there are tons of ways to get their contact detail, even if that is not listed on their website.

There Are 2 Powerful Tools To Finding Contact Details Of Experts:

Here, we are going to use two amazing tools to find out our influencers’ contact details. 

 Email Hunter

 Who Is Lookup

Email Hunter

Email Hunter is a #1 tool you can use to getting contact info of anyone. You won’t believe me that this tool is used by 1,000,000+ professionals and chosen by popular companies.

Such as Google, Microsoft, Techcrunch, Hubspot etc.

One good thing about this email finder tool is that it gives us 100 searches a month absolutely for Free.

If you find it difficult to use this website, then you can use its hunter’s chrome extension version for free as well. It saves your plenty of time immediately.

As you already know, examples help us easy to understand more things clearly that’s why I added down for you.




When I entered the Learn Blog Tips blog (Rahul Kuntala is the founder) into the search box, look at the screen above what I have found.

Whois Lookup

If you don’t want to use email hunter tool, then you can use the old school method Whois.com. Simply, put your domain name and get email addresses of your favourite experts.

Like this one…

I’ve used RoadToBlogging website of Istiak Rayhan as an example here. 

Sending Interview Request Or Emailing Them

After finding an influencer to your interview and contacting them, this is a time to sending an interview request to your experts.

Create an original and handmade template for better results and send them.

Prepare The Interview  

You have found a top influencer, you contacted them even you send an email request so far, now you need to prepare the interview.

So are you ready? How do you prepare the interview for a top SEO expert? Let’s discuss below more about it.

• Research Thoroughly 

• Create Interesting & Smart Questions


• Research Thoroughly

If you are wondering about preparing an interview for your blog, then you should completely research your interviewee as much as possible. 

Although, you must research things like; know about their family, wife, children. Ask about their personal, professional and outside life.

Collect their info from their personal websites and social media channels. Research where they are from, what their achievements are, what good things they did, do and doing.

Research about trending or hot topics related to your industry and ask them. Read their ‘about us’ page and ‘interviews’ for great ideas.

• Create Interesting & Smart Questions

If you want more people to read your blog post, you need to ask those questions which are extremely interesting and important for your audience.

If you ask amazing questions, definitely you’ll get awesome answers and responses from the top industry influencer or entrepreneur.

Moreover, you could ask some good questions that work great all over time such as;

 What is your number one tip for…?

 What is still your biggest challenge?

 Where do you want to see yourself (or your brand) after five years from now?

 What are your 3 favourite tools?

 Where and how do you work best?

 What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

 What is the biggest mistake you made when you first started…?

 What’s the one tip you would give to someone new to affiliate marketing?

• What would you say is the #1 key to success in your online business?

 How do you start your workday?

 What 3 things need to know when someone starts their industry?

 If you are just starting out in your industry, what would you do first? 

 How do you structure your days? 

• How long did it take for you to reach profitability?

 Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

 What’s the biggest mistake you ever made when starting your online business, and what have you learned from it? 

These just were only examples of questions, however, you can ask more amazing questions as per you. 

Make Sure You Add These Things While Preparing Interview:

• Start With Small Talk At The Beginning 

• Don’t Ask For Introduce Themselves Instead You Do

• They’ll Talk Much, You Less [Parroting Method]

• Ask To Influencer Would You Like To Add Anything Else Here?

• Thank Them

• Start With Small Talk At The Beginning

Whenever you start the interview, make sure that you ask for their family, wife, children and where they’re from at the beginning.

If you talk about these things before, they will feel more comfortable and engaging with you while interviewing. 

So always remember that start with small talk at the beginning and it will be more useful for your interview too.

• Don’t Ask For Introduce Themselves Instead You Do

Whenever you conduct an interview with the top expert in your industry. Make sure that you have to introduce them by yourself first.

In case, you don’t introduce them, then they are going to do by themselves, and the result is they will be more humble and simple.

Audience and community will be unable to understand them well and what the importance of the interviewee is. You should also tell the audience why interviewee is significant.

• They’ll Talk Much, You Less [Parroting Method]

Another thing keep in mind while interviewing, they should speak too much like a parrot and you are a listener. They’ll speak as much as they can and similarly, you’ll listen to them as much as you can.

At here one thing you can add at the time of the interview, whatever they say, pick out one or two lines of phrase and ask questions about that.

For instance, if they say “I used top 10 tools for my website income growth” then immediately you’ll say “which tools?”

They’ll say, my top income growth tools are…

Then, they are going to tell more about this. Keep in mind that they will speak like a parrot and you’re a listener.

• Ask To Influencer Would You Like To Add Anything Else Here?

This is an awesome question to ask at the end of the interview for top SEO expert and blogging specialist. I know you have almost covered everything around your topic.

But in case you forgot something to add within an interview and that’s very crucial. Then you should ask them about “what’d you like to add in it”?

• Thank Them 

Remember that you have to “thank” your influencer and blogger for taking their time, efforts and struggle for your interview.

This will help you to engage with them for the long run. They will think that you are respecting and appreciating to having on your blog.

Make sure you thank them at the end of the interview.

Promote Your Interviews

Promoting your wonderful interview with the right audience and readers is extremely necessary when it comes to promotion and marketing. If you reach the right visitors, you boost your website traffic. Market it as you promote your other articles.

Make Sure You Do These Following Things:

• Share the interview on your social media channels numerous times, not at once.

• Ask the interviewee to share the interview with his social media following and email list.

• You should also tell for promoting with mentioned people within the interview.

• Email it to your list

• Tag the interviewee on social channels

• Share a pre-made featured image of an interview with the interviewee and readers.

So, by implementing these above steps in the right way, you can taste the success of your online business.

Stop Reading Start Doing 

Are you shocked what I have said now? I know you love reading.


You gain more knowledge each and every day on a daily basis in your industry. I know you want to get higher rankings on Google and improve your SEO.

I’m not saying anything wrong at here. Please understand my heart feeling about what I want to tell you.

Maybe, you might think that I am suggesting something WRONG here.

Let’s understand it with an example.


Let’s say if a guy wants to learn SWIMMING, but he doesn’t know yet how to swim.

But, we are saying to him, go right now and read books about swimming. I know this way is helpful for him. He can also learn about swimming through this way.

But the major problem is that if he does not practice properly then how can he swim?

If he will read daily, daily and daily without taking any actions at it. It means all his knowledge will be ruined as he didn’t make any practice.

So here I mean only to say you, don’t read TOO many blogs (it is still helpful) in your industry.

Read only one article (whatever they said in their article) but implement it carefully and properly in your online marketing career. I am pretty sure it is gonna help you so much.

Because now you are taking actions on it and doing things practically. So this can be another tip towards becoming a successful blogger.

Remember, read less do more.

When I started my career a few years back. I used to read lots of blogs. I read tons of articles until 11 months without taking any actions to my site.

I know this is helpful for gaining more knowledge. However, I’m not saying to you that don’t read articles.

But the problem is that my knowledge was developing, but my work wasn’t growing.

So I have decided to read less blogs and start writing and working on my website.


Successful Blogging & Marketing Need A Lot Of Patience

To be successful in the blogging niche, it is very much needed. We can say in another way that patience is the key to successful blogging.


If you will see any top blogs and blogger, the common thing you will get that they had great patience.

Most people make such a type of mistakes. 

A study found that if you are regular at blogging/marketing around starting of your 6 months to 1 year, then you will not leave it.

And hope you will become a successful blogger and marketer one day.

I’ve seen a lot of people in the blogging and SEO industry, they started their online career with very excitement and passion. 

But later on, they get frustrated.

I know guys, this job is not easy, it is a tough job. 

It takes plenty of time, hours and years, patience, sweat, effort, struggle, dedication, commitment and hard work, but after definitely make your life.

So if you have decided that you want to be a successful blogger and content marketing specialist, then you must have patience.

Implement it as soon as possible in your blogging and online marketing career.

6 Reasons Why Content Marketing And Online Business Takes Time

• Building Audience Takes Time

• Google Takes Time To Get To Know You

• Building Authority Takes Time

• Building Connections With Influencers Takes Time

• Building Trust Also Takes Time To Your Website

• Creating Brand Awareness Takes Time

Building Audience Takes Time

Remember that the audience and community do not build around your blog or website easily or in one day, of course, it takes time a lot.

When you provide them with something useful content on a daily basis, they start connecting with you and, then you build an audience.

Google Takes Time To Get To Know You

You already know that it is not an overnight game and especially when it comes to the SEO profession. Of course, search engines take much time to understand you and your website.

SEO and SERP are the time-consuming processes which take time a lot, so you need to be patient.

Building Authority Takes Time

Yes, when you are new in the online market, you don’t have authority in the initial stage. You have to work a lot to build your brand’s authority.

Your online authority improves when you concentrate on your business first.

Building Connections With Influencers Takes Time

You can’t make a relationship with the author and content creator within a day. You need to spend your priceless time to promote their contents, leaving comments and other activities.

Literally, it takes time to build real relations with them from scratch. Majority of the time you have to engage with them on social media networks.

Building Trust Also Takes Time To Your Website

There are already available plenty of small business owners and startups out there. The competition also has been going to skyrocket each and every day.

What specifically would you offer them?

It will become easier to build trust online if you work consistently on your blog.

If more people trust you as a blogger and web entrepreneur, then you are going to rock. You are going to boost your affiliate sales for sure. 

More Trust = More Revenue.

Creating Brand Awareness Takes Time

Brand awareness is everything when it comes to building a profitable startup or blog.

You enhance your brand awareness when you give sufficient time to promote your website in a proper way.

More brand awareness means more profitability for your online business.

More Brand Awareness = More Profitability


Don’t Think About Money, Only Work More

You know this is a very impossible thing to implement. Although, we know that there is nothing impossible in the world.


Blogging needs a lot of patience, smart work, hard work, dedication and determination etc. Isn’t it?

Let’s understand it with an example:

We can say that it is our blogging job, but there is a lot of difference between a regular job and blogging job.

Here’s why;

If you go to daily in your office as a job or employee. The owner of a company (boss) will pay you, but here there is no similarity. 

It is totally opposite to that normal job.

It will not give you any money at all in the beginning. It might take 6 months to 3 years or more as well. Remember that it is a genuine business and businesses take a massive time to reach profitability. 

So if you really want to be a successful influencer and author, forget money in the initial days. 

Work on a regular basis on your website, you will get good results soon.

Concentrate On Search Engine Optimisation

Most of the websites getting traffic from Google and other search engines, we can’t ignore it. Because Google has a #1 rank in the whole world.


The full form of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization”. This is one of the most powerful techniques to get a lot of visitors directly from Google and other search engines.

Nowadays, many businesses depend on Google. If you want to be one of them, then always write only SEO friendly post. 

I’m pretty sure you’ll get a ton of traffic for your online startup.

How To Write SEO friendly post?

I am going to show you the basics in a simple way. 

You need to use your main keyword in the title tag, in the first paragraph, in the last paragraph, in headings, in the description tag, in permalink/URL and in the images section.

Hey hurray, you’ve done almost SEO in your post now. I’m sure that you’ll get a ton of traffic. 


They Know Their Target Audience

Did you know that successful blog post writers and marketers know their targeted audience?

Yes, they know it very well and it is also extremely important to understand them. 

If you don’t know your target audience/market (customers), you will never reach the success you dream of.

They know how to attract their audience, they know which sources they shoulduse to drive targeted traffic to their websites.

If you know your target audience, then you can understand them easily. You can understand their needs and requirements.

What do they want through you? 

They want answers to their questions by you. Provide them with the best solutions better than your competitors, this is the huge KEY.

Usually, they use SEO profitable keywords for driving HUGE traffic and many sources.

Such as Email marketing, Facebook targeting, Blog commenting strategy, Quora, Forums and Directories, Social channels promotion, Link building etc.  

So if you want to taste online marketing success, then know about your target audience first and learn about it more.

Successful Webmasters & Business Owners Write Daily Tasks For The Each Day

As a writer and blogger, you have a lot of works to do for your online business growth, am I right?  

Just like creating epic content, doing promotion, building quality links, replying comments, doing research a lot, creating visuals, networking with others and the list goes on.

What if you don’t organize your work and brain very well? 

Simply, you will be unable to work well, you can’t perform well online or anywhere.

To get more things done, you must write tasks every single day on a notebook. Although, you can use a few brilliant task manager tools to accomplishing your goals. 

Such as Todoist, Wunderlist, Trello, Google Keep, Slack, Evernote, AsanaRemember the milk, Omnifocus, Thingsetc. 

So it can be another GREAT strategy to become more successful by using task management software to your online career.


Crucial Part Is Best Keyword Researching

If we talk about any successful digital marketer or blogger, they are the expert in their field as well as keywords researching too, isn’t it?

So if you want to be one of them, the first thing is you need to become an expert at keyword researching.


There are a lot of tools out there. Free and Paid.

You can use: 

LSI keywords (Google’s bottom page)

Google keyword planner tool

Keywords Everywhere

Ubersuggest tool

LSI Graph



Kwfinder and much more.

If we use most searchable keywords in our blog post, the chances are very high to appear our blog post on Google and other search engines.

Keyword researching is a process where we find out ”what people and users are searching for on search engines.

Most of the bloggers don’t know the basic steps of doing keyword research, and the result they don’t get any kind of organic traffic to their websites.

To become a successful influential people or writer, this is a very essential SEO tactic of success, now just follow it as faster as you can and enjoy the video.

Start, Fail, Learn And Win

I know that it is not an overnight game. Yeah, it takes a lot of patience and harder work. If you opted blogging business as a profitable online career, then your journey starts from here.

To be a successful influencer, you need to start your journey first. But I already know that it is so hard. Surely and definitely you will fail in your beginning days because it’s a common issue.


You will not succeed soon, but when you fail, then you learn a lot. Many top bloggers have already faced this situation before.

If you want to be one of them, then start right now, face plenty of failures in the initial days, but learn from your mistakes it’s essential. Our mistakes make us more perfect and it is the best teacher in the world.

Guys, if you completed these three levels, the last one remains that is winning.

Remember that failure is the biggest teacher in the world. You can say that more failures = more success. Failure is the process that shapes you like a shiny diamond. 

Change your mindset, failure isn’t worst, it is best instead. Do you know that the person you see today is the biggest successful guy was the biggest loser or failure?  

I am pretty sure that you will get success soon.


Always Write People Sharing Content

If we talk about people sharing contents, it is good to grow more. 

If you write about these type of articles, surely your website traffic will grow soon.


Because people and audience always want to get daily new updates from you. Understand it with an example, what will happen if the newspaper shows the daily same information, would you like it? Obviously not.

So people want daily different stuff every day and we must provide them.

Always write superb content which is genuinely incredible and readers are dying to share this stuff on their social channels. They literally want to share the stuff with their hearts. 

There are a lot of tools you could use to see most shareable contents. I like BuzzSumo tool, it shows the most shareable contents.

How Can You Use BuzzSumo?

Pick one of your competitor’s site URL and put it out there.


Then, buzzsumo tool will show you most shareable contents on social media. I’ve taken the example of incomediary.com here.


Blogs can also help you to see the most shareable contents.


Visit any of your favourite blogs, then look at the bottom/left side of that article, there you can find numbers of sharing on that specific article.


Create Long-Form & In-Depth Contents

Did you see the work of any professional bloggers and marketers? Did you see ever how do they work on their websites or blogs? Did you notice how they write their contents on their blogs? 

Successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs write amazing, in-depth and long-form contents.

Many studies have been showing that a longer form of content is BEST to rank our articles or websites on search engines. But it doesn’t mean that you will add irrelevant & unnecessary words to make your content longer.


Remember that long-form content is not always better as you can see above in the picture.


Google loves only in-depth articles, not longer.

Do you know why Neil Patel ranks higher on Google?

He says that I write an extremely comprehensive, thorough and valuable guide around 4000+ words to my website and audience get awesome info and knowledge about the particular topic.


That’s why people spend more time on his site and Google ranks high his site.

Short posts could be 500 to 1000 words long and in-depth post could be 1500 to 2000+ words longer. You can write a thorough post, putting some extra efforts and stand out in the competitive noise.

So now you have decided to create long-form contents to your blog, right? Do you want to know its benefits?

Benefits Of Long-Form Post:

• Google prefers in-depth and comprehensive contents (Google Panda Algorithm Update). Panda update means Google gives value to profitable websites and remove low-quality site

• The audience can get all info and knowledge in one place about a particular subject

• They don’t need to jump on 10 different websites to get the same information

• Readers will see you as an authority in the industry. Because you’re putting much value out there for their pain points

• Long-form content is far better than short content

• It gets natural backlinks, usually, folks link out to great resources

• It performs better in the search engines results and gets good rank

• It gets a great amount of organic traffic through search engines 

• You can add more long-tail keywords within the blog post and reach out to potential customers 

• Visitors spend much time on your website because you have excellent stuff

• You get more conversion rates and leads

• Long-form content gets MANY social shares on social media networks than short-form content

What Studies Have Been Saying About Long-Form Content?

1. Research By Buzzsumo In A Partnership With Moz

Buzzsumo has researched in a partnership with Moz over a million articles on the web. Do you want to know what have they found?

Look at the chart below:


They have found that longer blog post gets 2x shares and 3x backlinks than a shorter blog post.  

You know 85% of a blog post is below 1000 words over the web.

As you can see in the above picture, 3000 to 10,000 words articles are getting great outcomes, compare to shorter 1,000 words articles.

2. HubSpot’s Analysis

HubSpot’s analysis of 6,192 articles found 2500+ words articles got more backlinks and social shares.


Articles between 2250-2500 words got more organic traffic. Look at the above picture.


If you write around 2500+ words, you can get a good number of social shares.


2500+ words articles earned huge links.

3. BuzzSumo’s Analysis

Buzzsumo analyzed 100 million articles, do you know what have they found?

They have found that “in-depth content gets the most shares”.

The longer the content is, the most shares it gets. 

As you can see above in the picture, it shows us between 3,000-10,000 words content received the most social media shares (around 8859).

4. CoSchedule’s Analysis

CoShedule analyzed6 long-tail keywords on Google. They found that detailed contents perform well on search engines.



When Garrett Moon analyzed 6 keywords on the first page of Google. He found that average Google 5 top results are more than 2000 words.

5. According to Brian Dean

Backlinko analyzed over one million first-page results of Google and he found an average number of 1,890 words for the first page.


Create longer content and generate more social shares on search engines as per Brian Dean.

6. SerpIQ


SerpIQhas done a study of the first-page rank. They found that the average content length of top 10 results were over 2000 words.

Search engines prefer comprehensive and well research contents with screenshots.

Because it helps a LOT to users. 

7 Best Tips To Write Long-Form In-Depth Articles For SEO Success

A Lot Of Research

Research is a very important part when it comes to writing comprehensive content or blogging guide. Make sure you do proper research about your topic before writing anything else.

You can write easily long-form content if you have great data, info and case study about your specific blog post or subject.

Always keep in mind that “the more you research, the more skills you can learn”.

Researching helps you to increase your overall knowledge about a particular subject. So keep researching and keep much learning.

So this is one of the superb strategies to create in-depth longer content quickly and easily.

Add A Lot Of Examples Within The Blog Post

Giving examples within the post is not only making a long post, although it is teaching and boosting their understanding level too. 

If you give great examples to your audience and readers, it becomes EASY for them to understand what are you talking about the subject.  

Outline Your Content

Before writing anything, at first, make an outline for your content in Google docs or Simplenote. It helps you to organize your article well. 

You won’t be confused if you make an outline for your post. Add plenty of headings and subheadings into it. It gives you a perfect idea of what you have covered and what you’re going to covering.

You can also use your primary and secondary keywords here and it is an awesome way to make content longer.

Use Images and Graphics Within Your Post

Maybe you don’t need to explain it again about how much worth of single picture in the contents.

Visuals are better than words and it works like a charm. If you need 5 pictures for your article, add it immediately. 

Answering The Common Questions

When your target is creating a longer in-depth content, then you need to focus on answering common questions related to your subject.

Find out what people are asking on forums, social media networks, discussion boards and quora too. 




Although you can also use search engines to find relevant queries and common questions.


Such as “Google Auto Suggestion Tool”
And “Google Related Searches” at the bottom of the page.

If you answer it well around these questions, then you can expect a long-form content. This is one of the great ways to write in-depth content.

Create More Questions By Yourself

You can create more questions as per your industry related to the topic you’re writing. Your questions will make a clear image of your readers understanding level.

Whatever questions come in your mind, answer it in an amazing way, they will learn a lot here and your content becomes longer and in-depth.

Add Videos

Adding videos within your content is not only make your content in-depth and valuable. But it will also help visitors and readers to understand a particular topic well.

If your blog audience doesn’t want to scroll your post, they can watch videos for better user experience.

Make Good Links [Backlinks]

Backlinks have always been a good source of traffic. Build always high-quality links relevant to your blog. 


It also helps your blog to increase your page authority and domain authority.

Both helpful, no-follow and do-follow backlinks to top rank your website on Google and other search engines. 

But remember that do-follow links are better than no-follow links.

Let’s say that your website is brand NEW in the Internet marketing niche 

And your site is getting quality links from big brands like BloggersPassion, Blogging Cage and BloggerTipsTricks etc.

So this is a GREAT signal for Google and other search engines.

Google will understand that this is a good new site because so many high authority and authoritative sites are giving links to that new site.

Backlinks work as votes in the search engine optimisation world. 

So this is the power of high-quality links.

Now you are going to make good quality backlinks. Right? Don’t try to ignore it.  

You MUST follow this tactic as soon as possible to become a successful marketer or web entrepreneur.


Write Something About You Feel Enjoy

To be a successful website owner and SEO expert, we need a lot of things like writing, passion, patience, efforts, struggle and hard work etc. Isn’t it?


Look at yourself and ask yourself. 

What do you like the most? 

What do you feel enjoy doing? Just put it out there.

Write always those things that make you happy. 

When we do any work something related to our interest. That time we give our best as much as we can. 

Am I right?

So always write with your interest and get positive results.


Work Day And Night

This doesn’t mean that you work like owls.

Successful blogging or online business needs hard work from scratch. It wants only work, work and more work each and every time. 


You have to give it countless hours to become a successful online marketing expert and blogger. I am pretty sure you will be one day absolutely.

Whether you could make a schedule or planning for it. According to me, your work time must be started at 9:00 Am (Morning) and ending at 6:00 Pm (Evening).

In case you will do more work, then that will be your bonus work, treat it as a day job.


They Have An Email List

To become a successful online marketer or influential people, you MUST focus on this tactic.

Did you know your MONEY is in the email list?

If you see any online successful blog or website, one thing you’ll notice that they have an email list. 

Successful content writers or marketers focus on email marketing.

Yes, you should build your email list from the day ONE if you are a beginner.


The email list is an asset.

How Would You Make Your Email List From The Day One?

You know friends when we give something for FREE, people love such things and they’ll subscribe to us and leave their email addresses.

Am I right?


If you’re just starting your email list, then you will have to decide which things you’re going to give them for FREE.

So What Things Can You GIVE Them For FREE?

1. It could be a course.

2. It could be a FREE ebook.

It could be an audiotape.
4. It could be a videotape.

5. It could be a plugin made by you. 

6. It could be a theme that is made by you.

So it depends on you what you’re offering them. You can give them anything according to you.

Note: If you do not have GREAT contents on your blog, people won’t SUBSCRIBE you.

Here Are The Benefits Of Building An Email List You Should Know:

• Quick Traffic

• You Can Promote Products

• It’s Private And Direct

• It Connects With Your Readers

• Ask Questions And Suggestions

Quick Traffic

When you publish a new article, then you send that article to your subscribers. Right?

So when your readers get that article in their email inboxes via notification. Then they will want to read your content. 

They click on your given link and read it as soon as possible. When they visit your blog and read your post.

Then you get blog traffic quickly

You Can Promote Products

When you have a great email list, you can make money instantly by promoting any products in the industry.    

Choose which one is a good product to your subscribers and later let them know about it.

When they buy from you, you get money instantly in your pocket. 

It’s A Private And Direct

When you have subscribers, you can send them anything. No one can read that conversation, except you and receiver.

It Connects With Your Readers

It connects you with your readers, you can send them your post updates. 

And can get more information about them via social media.

Ask Questions And Suggestions

If you are going to create any course or product or implementing a new strategy on your website.

So you can ask them directly.  

It will help you to know about their interest. If they are interested in it, they will give you overall suggestions about that. 


Being Serious About Blogging Or Business

Successful bloggers or authors always have been serious about blogging, they treat it as a serious work.


Maybe you could be a hobby blogger or a serious blogger, but there is too much difference between a serious blogger and hobby blogger.

Hobby Blogger

Hobbyist bloggers work as fun, they write as fun, they love to read, they do online activities as fun and enjoyment. 

They want to share their thoughts and knowledge with their readers and clients without any expectations or return.

If they make money, that’s great. In case they are unable to make money or reward from their websites, then no big issue or trouble with them.

Serious Blogger

But the truth is that serious bloggers want to achieve something by blogging business as a form of money, audience, organic traffic, brand awareness, website promotion and popularity.

These kinds of digital marketers also prefer writing a blog, reading a blog and building network with other like-minded people over the Internet, but their main goal is making a profit from their efforts and to be the focus on outcomes.

In other words, they aren’t blogging for fun, they are just working super hard for the results and income.

If you are not making money from your blog yet, it simply means that you aren’t dedicated to blogging or you aren’t serious about your work or you need to more work on your website.

If you opted blogging, SEO or digital marketing industry as a career, you need to be focused and serious more about your work.


Make Yourself Always A Learner

Remember that bloggers and industry influencers are always a learner as a student. If you really want to be an excellent blogger or content publisher, then you need to learn skills and expertise relevant to your niche on a daily basis.


Blogging is all about learning every day something new and exploring yourself. If you want to be a successful marketer or editor, then develop skills and enhance your knowledge first within the niche.

The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing. You should become #1 reader and learner in your field to gaining knowledge so that you can teach and educate your audience very well.

You should be reading a lot of authority blogs and websites to keep yourself updated in the digital marketing and SEO niche so that you can share your personal experiences and understanding with others.

If you see any professional SEO expert or web-based entrepreneur, they have plenty of knowledge in their field. They want to know more and more about what’s going on in the industry and up to date with their niche.

But they literally gave time a lot to learn and improve their internet marketing skills so far. If you blog or business with your heart, certainly it is going to generate money online for you.


Write Problem Solving Contents

When it comes to content marketing, your content is everything, your business success depends only on content that you write and publish to your website, am I right? 

Doing any kind of business is all about helping and providing services in any way to your potential customers, isn’t it?

Similarly, this kind of strategy applicable and implement here on our online businesses, right?

The people or audience who visit on your blog are always looking for the solutions to their problems and you offer them great solutions by writing the epic content. 

Although you can find out their pain points by 5 most effective methods: 

• On Quora

 On Forums

 On Reddit 

 On Facebook Groups

 On Search Engines

What Will You Find Out In Above Platforms?

Understanding your audience

Know their needs and desires

Know their pain points and problems

Understand their likes and dislikes

Develop relationships with them 

Let’s take an example below:

New made mom can struggle with baby health care tips and advice.

Mom may find recipes, food and health-related stuff.

The young generation may struggle with looking for a job or creating a resume.

Men may get help with sports, fitness or gym.

Students may look for study stuff.

• A young generation and old people may struggle with motivation and positivity.

A problem-solving content method not only helps you to gain more organic traffic from search engines, but it also helps you to build strong connections and networks with them. 


Blog About Your Passion

Do you know blogging and digital marketing is based on a single word which is known as Passion? 


Remember that passion is priceless. Passion is #1 priority before making money anywhere.

Majority of the people I’ve seen in the world they only work for the money instead of enjoying their own work, no matter even if it is online or offline.

And some people are doing work for many years at the same job with less salary. 


Because they are enjoying their own work and doing their work with full energy and passion. They are passionate about what they’re doing.  

Keep in mind that life is too much short to waste your precious time on a job you don’t like or not passionate about that. 

Not everyone needs a lot of money to be happy, and the people who have lots of money they still don’t have happiness in their lives, they are still crying. Isn’t it?

When you get frustrated or irritated by doing online work, passion is the only thing that works as a fuel to boost you in your SEO career. 

You can see any successful blogger or web entrepreneur today, they all have a great passion for the work which they are doing now. 

You learn a lot about SEO and content marketing industry because it makes you so happy to do, there is no any boring college lectures and traditional college/school unproductive classroom environments.  

That’s why you improve your online skills a lot consistently. Passion is the only thing that makes you a hero from zero in any field.

Consider Blogging As A Business, Not Hobby  

I don’t know how you treat blogging. 

It could be your hobby or fun or anything else. 

But if you consider blogging as a business, then you use many strategies to take it to the next level.


Because there is so much difference between hobby and business blogger (we already talked about it before so we wouldn’t discuss more here).

You could be a hobby blogger but can’t go to the next level. Because you are a hobby blogger. 

These types of bloggers work for fun. 

If you treat blogging as a business, I am pretty sure you’ll work as a business, then you will work harder at it.

But hobby blogger has one limit.

So first make sure who you are between them.


Focussing On Engaging And Quality Content   

To become a successful solopreneur and content marketing expert, you need plenty of articles. Not only articles but quality articles too.


When you see any successful profitable website one thing you will notice that they have quality contents and thorough guides on their blogs.

Any successful website has a quality of contents. It is a very essential component of any successful SEO strategy. 

First concentrate on quality contents, not on money. You alreadyknowwe people do not work anywhere WITHOUT money.

But you should understand that this is a blogging business, and any great business takes time.

Your main focus must be on providing: 

• Valuable contents

• Best contents

• Informative contents

• Compelling contents

• Engaging contents 

• Unique contents

• Fresh contents and always high-quality contents.

Successful bloggers need all kinds of above contents.

Always remember that “Content Is King“.

When you work quality on your website, your customers and visitors notice it. They engage with you and want more updates through you. 

Start writing high-quality contents and comprehensive guides if you literally want to make profitable startup over the internet.


Investment Is Necessary

Successful content marketing experts and web entrepreneurs know the value of the investment on their blogs and websites. 

Have you heard the most famous and amazing saying?

Money Makes Money



When it comes to online businesses or any other kind of businesses, I would highly recommend you investing money at it. 


Once you start investing money in the right place, you start seeing positive outcomes to your business, you start seeing your business’ growth.

Also, you start boosting your brand’s credibility and visibility as well. 

However, you could invest as low as $100 and as high as $10,000. It depends on your business plan and insight.

5 Places Where You Should Invest Money To Become More Successful Businessman And Boost Your Online Marketing Efforts:

Invest Money To Your Office

Professional blogging or any other kind of business needs an office to work more efficiently and with productivity.

Keep in mind that your office should be a distraction-free and calm environment.

Your office could be home-based or outside the home. In case you work at home, it might make problems and troubles for you.

So you could invest money to buy a room as a business office for your digital marketing business.

Whether you are doing your business at home or outside space, then make sure that you spend money at below things:

• On Computer Table And Chair

• On Proper Ventilation

• On Good Internet Connection

• On Desktop And Pc 

• On Most Effective Environment 

Search Engine Optimization

If you are an expert and experience content writer in the SEO/Blogging industry, then you can skip this step.

And if you are a newbie author or online marketer, then I will highly suggest you to investing money in the SEO process.

Because beginner blogger and editor doesn’t know anything about SEO profession, isn’t it?

As a noob writer, if you don’t have enough knowledge regarding SEO niche, then you can hire an SEO specialist to boost your website rankings in the search engines asap.

Hire Experienced Blog Post Writer Or Freelancer

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner author or an experienced author. In case you hire an experienced writer to work on your website, he/she can help you to improve your search engine rankings.

For example, if you are a beginner blogger and don’t know anything about how to write great content or SEO friendly content, then you can hire someone. 

You might hire someone experienced writer to see how they work very well on websites. 

Another example, assume that you are already an experienced blogger who lacks time to work on your site, so in this case, you can hire quality authors to take your blog to the next level of success.    

Although, majority of the freelancers are willing to do RESEARCH for you and it is one of the best things. 

Use These 9 Best Freelancing Service Providers Below: 

• Fiverr

• Upwork

People Per Hour

• TextBroker

• Outsourcely

• Freelancer

• Contently

• Scripted


So you could invest little money on these platforms to enhance your online startup. 

Your Blog Design And Theme 

Your website design and theme matters a lot if you are working online. Your site design makes an impression on readers and clients. 

So what will you do?

You are going to download free WordPress themes or premium one, am I right?

The major problem is that you can easily buy premium Worpdress theme around $10-$100 to your website, no issue, but this one isn’t a good idea. 

Let me tell you why?

The premium WordPress theme that you are going to buy is not only one, but it is used by so many online marketers and small business owners on their blogs and in this case, you shouldn’t buy any themes. 

So what should you do instead?

I’ll highly recommend you that invest little money to hire the best theme designer or theme developer to make your blog design custom. 

Because your website design must be unique and theme designers can customise your blog’s theme to make your site look different, unique or attractive. 

It will make a good impression on your website readers or visitors if you make your WordPress blog theme unique. 

Web Hosting + Domain Name

Finding and investing great web hosting company for your blog is #1 priority of any digital marketer or content creator, isn’t it?

Make sure you use a great and reliable web hosting provider to your internet business.

If you are beginner, I recommend you to buy shared hosting.

Pay attention: If any web hosting company are offering you anything for free or free of cost. Then, avoid such type of companies as quickly as possible. 

Ask me, biggest why?

Once you buy it, you will start getting problems and issues from the hosting providers. Their services, quality and other features will be worst as well.

It will be the biggest headache and sleepless nights if you purchase the cheapest & unreliable hosting.

So what is trustworthy hosting companies you can believe in?

10 Best Web Hosting Providers You Must Know About Them:







A2 Hosting




WPEngineand so on.

What things you should check in your hosting company service, do you have any idea? 

Let’s discuss below to know more about it. 

7 Things To Consider While Choosing Best Web Hosting Company

Customer Support 

You have to see their customer service first before selecting any web hosting services. Because you might face several issues and troubles later related to the hosting you’re choosing.

We don’t know what problems you can face in future. 

Be sure that they have 24/7 customer support, toll-free number, email and live chat service with them. 

Whenever you have any issues or queries you can contact them quickly.


Speed is a crucial part of our life. Right? 

Especially if you are working as a blogger and you have a websites or blogs.

Always choose the fastest loading website services before buying any hosting. 

Your customers/readers are everything. 

Let’s say that if they are visiting on your websites and your site is taking too much time to load. Then, do you have any idea what’s going to happen next?

Of course, they will get irritated and frustrated by your online services. They will go to another site. So make sure that you have a great speed of hosting provider.  

You might lose around millions of customers, conversion, sales and leads if you don’t have quicker web pages results.

It may affect your website SEO and bounce rate too.

So make sure that you have the fastest loading blog.


Assume that your online brand is quite popular and legendary these days and now you are sleeping on your bed with sweet dreams. 

In case, tomorrow I will say that your website has been hacked by hackers. Even you don’t have any backup as well. Then, what will be your face reactions and emotions? 

The worst day in whole life, isn’t it? 

So always ensure that your web hosting company provides you with full security and high-level protection.

Refund Policy/Money Back Guarantee

You must know their refund policy or money-back guarantee before picking any web hosting.     

In case you don’t satisfied with their services so you can move to another hosting company or cancellation their service.


Make sure to check your web hosting pricing tags first. You need to find out great hosting service provider with low price.

See yourself first that are you able to pay money or not for that certain hosting.

Terms And Conditions

I will highly recommend you that read all the terms and conditions of hosting provider first which you are choosing.

You will get info about web hosting company if you read their terms and conditions carefully and won’t put yourself in trouble.

Customer Reviews And Rating

You must check it out their customer reviews and rating as well. Most of the reviews guides you can find out on search engines regarding web hostings. 

Once you check customer review, then it will give you enough idea about how the hosting company is, you should pick it or not.


Write Most Highly Searchable Post With LOW Competition Keywords

It is another great point that we are going to discuss.

If you are writing your next brand new blog post, but no one will search that particular post.

So, it’s too bad, right? 

Then what would you do? 

Write always those posts and articles which are needed for the audience and which they are looking for. They need a lot of that kind of contents.


For example, let’s assume that we are targetting for this longtail keyword; Google Search Console.

And you can also see its volume (searches). The monthly searches of this keyword are 550,000.

That’s great.


But you can also see above its KD (Keyword Difficulty). It has 72 out of 100 keyword SEO difficulty.   

It means that the keyword we are going to choose is HARD to rank on Google. 

Because many big authority sites are already ranked for it and getting HUGE traffic. 

So it is a little difficult to beat them. If still, you want to rank for that keyword. Read it carefully next…

How Do You Rank That Keyword?

Honestly speaking, if you really want to rank that keyword. You have to need a lot of social signals and high authority quality links.

Social signals are a great ranking factor. 

Few things you need to know:

1. Write a detailed guide on it. It could be around 2000 to 5000+ words. 

2. Make content engaging and valuable. Better than your competitors.


3. Make high-quality backlinks. (Use Skyscraper Technique)

4. Content must be shared on social sites by users.

5. Your CTR (Click Through Rate) should be good. 

6. You should have good Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moz rank, Moz trust, Trust flow, Citation flow, Good domain age, Google trust and other metrics.

So if you keep in mind that all the above things, the chances are very high to rank.

One another strategy you could follow if you didn’t like the above strategy.

Choose LOW Competition Keywords With HIGH Volume

Always remember that find those keywords which have below 500-1000 searches a month if your website is NEW.

The chances are very high to rank your post on Google. Because no one would have worked on those Low competition keywords.

The reason is; Low volume.

And you don’t need a lot of links for it. 


For example, in the above picture, we have chosen Low competition keyword.


And you can also see its keyword SEO difficulty. Is it great? right? 

We have used KWFinder tool to see those metrics. You can too…

In the above photo, this tool shows “Keyword SEO Difficulty” in ranges of numbers. 

So you can choose #1 or #2 strategy according to your skills.

When you follow this type of strategies, I am pretty sure you will have good results one day as well as HUGE traffic too. 

To be a successful blogger, this is the essential tactic you must follow. 

Understand Your Readers’ Interest

If you know your readers’ interest, that’s good. If you don’t know, that’s bad. 

To be a successful blogger, it can be an important part for you. You need to know what your audience is interested in.

Because without the audience, you are nothing. First, you must figure out all of them as soon as possible. 

How Can We Know Our Audience Interest?

Guys, you can check out in Google Analytic Tool where you can find out your visitors’ age, their location, gender, occupation etc. 

This all database helps you a lot. Because you can see their overall analyzing report.

That data will help you to make an awesome blog post as well as clickable too.

If you’re an expert to see your audience analytic data, that’s great.


Join Bloggers’ Community And Facebook Groups For Motivation

If you do any work or startup, definitely you need to be motivated and inspired too. 

Am I right? 

Similarly, you need motivation in the blogging/digital marketing field. It takes plenty of hard work, patience, and struggle. 

To be a successful content writer or author, motivation and inspiration is an essential medicine in this industry.

You could join a ton of bloggers’ community out there. Every time that all will motivate and help you when you need any help. 

So, I think that it can be an important part of successful blogging. Join the few bloggers’ Facebook community and keep learning new things constantly. 

Whether you could join my favourite Facebook groups those are listed below: 

Learn Digital Marketing by Deepak Kanakaraju


Bloggers Passion VIP by Anil Agarwal


Blogging Lift VIP by Sumit Sao

Blogging-Lift-VIP-Facebook-Group-by-Sumit Sao

Bloggers Tribe by Rahul Kuntala


Blogging Den by Satish Kumar Ithamsetty


Blogging With Love by Ravi Chahar


BloggingX: Blogging Excellence Redefined by Akshay Hallur



DigitalGYD VIP – Learn Blogging & Digital Marketing by Swadhin Agrawal


The Bloggers’ Team by Santanu Debnath


Blogging Cage VIP by Kulwant Nagi


Bloggers Funda by Aamir Mursleen


HellBound Bloggers by Pradeep Kumar


Premium Tricks by IFTISEO by Iftekhar Ahmed


NicheHacks.com Private Mastermind Group byStuart Walker


Pakistani Bloggers Worldby Muhammad Ismail


Bloggers Supporting Each Otherby Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo



Be Sure That You Will Be Succeed

I know that it is not an overnight game. Blogging or startup takes many things because it’s a real business. Now if you opted that blogging is your career or future. 

Tell yourself only one line. That is “one day I will be a successful content marketing expert, maybe not immediately but definitely and absolutely”.

Believe in yourself and your work, then you will get success soon one day. I am telling you here because I am also already doing this.

You know guys, it is a part of positive thinking and it is an effective affirmation. So you can implement it in your life and become a successful blogger and digital marketer.


You Need To Have Good Website Knowledge And Experiences First

To be a successful author and influencer, it is a common thing that you need a little bit info about websites, blogging and online marketing industry. 

Whether you can collect info about what is top blogs in your niche, what is a domain, what is web hosting, what does the mean of blogger and WordPress, what is SEO and the list goes on. 

If you have a lot of learnings, knowledge and experiences, it means that you are most successful. So, this point will take you to the next level for sure.


Do What You Love And Love What You Do

When you have considered that blogging is your living business, then you will do everything that you want because you are the owner, right?

Always do what you love, it means that you can write those posts that make you happy, you must be love to researching, gaining knowledge and improving skills.

And love what you do, it means that love with your blogging and your online journey.


Self Developing

No one learns from the mother’s stomach. 

Self-development is an essential part. Daily you need to change yourself. Develop your skills on a daily basis in yourself. You have to improve yourself to become an A1 web entrepreneur. 

Keep in a mind that you are a learner, researcher and data collector. It’s a major point to become a successful editor or webmaster.


Build Your Brand Stand Out

The blogging reality is that 99% of bloggers fail in this industry and the rest is 1% successful bloggers have been living online. 

So friends, I shared blogging reality in front of you.

Try to make your brand ‘stand out’. When you put something valuable out there. Definitely, you will get success. Follow this point as much as possible. 

You Are A Creative Guy

Tell yourself that ‘you are a creative guy’. You are a blogger and can make any kind of content whatever you want.

Generate ideas by yourself and attract visitors as much as you can. This is another helpful part of successful bloggers you should know. 


Don’t Be Get Hopeless

I know that the blogging business takes time and many things to be a successful blogger. But believe in yourself and hard working.

I am pretty sure, one day you will achieve whatever you want in your life by consistently blogging efforts.

Daily Learn From Other Bloggers In Your Niche

Blogging is all about based on the word “learning“. In this field, you need to learn daily something new and implementing it on your blog. 

Whenever you learn something from anywhere, your knowledge grows. 

I learn everything from my competitors’ blog (my online marketing friends) and try to do better at it. 

You can also do this.


I learned a lot from all of these guys. 

If you don’t know about them, no worries. I listed them below in brief.

(1) Brian Dean – Backlinko

(2) Neil Patel – Neil Patel, KISSmetrics, Quicksprout, and Crazyegg.

(3) Ankit Singla – Master Blogging

(4) Harsh Agarwal – ShoutMeLoud

(5) Rand Fishkin – SEOmoz

(6) Darren Rowse – ProBlogger

To be a successful author, I am pretty sure this is helpful for you. 

Answer Your Readers’ Questions

Although this is not part of becoming a successful blogger, but it could be.


When you answer your readers’ questions, they engage with you for a long time. They also help you to increase your blog traffic.

Because your visitors visit again and again on your blog. They feel happier when you reply to them. 

You always need to build interaction with the audience. Follow this advice soon, then you will get positive results.


Ask For Help From Others

It is not possible that you have never faced any problem before in the online marketing game. I am pretty sure that you had faced plenty of problems in your blogging journey so far. 


If you are a newbie or beginner, you can take help from others. It will help take you to the next level in your blogging career.

Google has been your always a best friend. Every time you can ask anything from Google and other search engines.


Workout Daily For Mental And Physical Fitness


According to my experience, blogging or building any brand or startup takes a lot of mental energy. You can’t perform well anywhere if your body isn’t fit very well.

Remember that the fit body works well everywhere.  

I would highly recommend you start doing workout daily if you are not already doing it. When you work out daily, then you feel extremely better according to before.  

It gives you mental peace and enough strength to fight with your life. 

Don’t ignore this point, it is a very essential part of successful blogging. Always remember that “if you lose your body, you might lose your career”.

Let me tell you its benefits below.

Top 10 Benefits of Exercise

1. Increase Your Energy Levels 

2. Enhance Brain Health and Memory

3. It Can Help With Weight Loss

4. Great For Relaxation and Sleep Quality

5. It Can Make You Feel Happier

6. It Is Good for Your Muscles and Bones

7. It Can Help Skin Health



Today we have learned about how to be a 100% successful blogger and digital marketer in 2020.

I hope you will love this detailed blog post. Now guys, just do let me know your thoughts and suggestions by leaving awesome comments below to know what do you think about this content. 

If you found this comprehensive guide is helpful and meaningful for you, then share it with your relevant friends and bloggers brothers as well. 

You wouldn’t believe me that it took me months and even too many countless hours and efforts to craft this thorough guide for YOU. 

If you follow all the above tips and strategies given by me, then I am pretty sure you will become 100% successful content writer and professional SEO expert one day.

Keep Blogging, Keep Earning, Make Relations, Keep Patience. 🙂

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