How To Become A 100% Successful Blogger (UPDATED)

Hello everyone, if you are a newbie blogger then this post can be helpful for you.

It is too easy to create a new blog within a minutes, but it is so hard to make it successful. If you are one of them, just follow my guideline.


In this detailed guide, we will know about how to be a 100% successful blogger in 2018. I hope you will enjoy by reading this and something learn too.

Okay guys, now we are going to start our article from here. 

What Is A Successful Blogger?

I don't know what is a successful blogger. Here I am going to tell you. Why I am saying it.

It depends on you what you define successful blogger. Probably, you could define this term as a lot of traffic, as a popularity of you and your blog or you could define it as a lot of money and fame.

So, it depends on you what you think.

Never Give Up, Until The Last Breath

When you now decided that blogging is your career. You can't live without it. So now you must say yourself one word. 

"I will never give up till my last breath" 

Really, it will help you until the last time. 

If I talk about with my personal experience, I can say ''never quit'' is the only key to success.

Believe in yourself and your ability, then no one can stop you.

I hope you will implement it soon.

Keep Yourself Motivated While Blogging

This is most essential part to be successful blogging. If you want to become a successful blogger, first you need to motivate yourself.

How do I motivate myself?

Daily I read motivational quotes, you can too.

I use social communities to get inspired.

I watch motivational videos.

I see how professional bloggers achieved success.

I search how bloggers have achieved their goals and how I can?

So I hope you understand how to motivate yourself in blogging.

If you follow all points I make sure you'll be a successful blogger one day.

Hard Work As Well As Smart Work

If you will see any successful person or blogger in your life. One common thing they have done.

Hard Work and Smart Work

If we talk about any top pro blogger, we can surely say that they were hard workers.

Blogging needs a lot of hard work, then after it will pay off.

So, if you really want to be a successful blogger, first you must develop this skill then after blogging.

Blogging Regularly And You Will Succeed

I don't know why you made your blog. I don't even know what your intention is. Maybe you could hobby blogger or make money blogger.

To be a successful blogger, you have to do work regularly on a blog. You could treat it as a day job.

If you will see any famous blogger, they had worked a lot on a regular basis.

It doesn't mean that you wrote something today and next month you will write again and waiting for the hope you will be successful.

It is wrong. Work regular basis and get success.

So if you become a successful blogger, just now follow this point.

Cover Trending Topics

This point will help you too. Don't forget to write the content on the recent trends.

The audience always wants to new information from you. So, if you will provide them that time, it'll be helpful for you.

There is one extra advantage you can get by writing trending topic. That is 'traffic'.

Yes buddy, when you publish something related to trend, it will boost your traffic more.

Hope you would use this technique and boost your site's traffic.

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Publish Content On A Daily Basis

To be a successful blogger, this point is also important. If you publish your contents on a daily basis, your readers or visitors never forget you and they will know who you are.

Always they remember you when you post consistently.

Your readers are always waiting for you. Then, Google also supports you because you are constantly working on your blog. 

It will also help you to find regular visitors on social channels like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Reading And Writing A Lot

To be a successful blogger, both reading and writing are the most important part. If you will read articles on a daily basis, you will get 100% positive results.


Yes guys, if you implement this habit in your blogging life, daily you will learn all new and useful words in your niche/topic. I am also using this method last 5 months.

I was poor in the English language before.

Because it is not my primary language. So I decided that I will improve my English as much as I can. Then I started my English learning journey before few months.

Today I got a positive result, and I improved myself a bit. So, you could also improve yourself like me.

Writing is another essential part of the successful blogger. When you completely implement habit of daily reading of blogs. Sure, it affects directly to your writing skill.

I am saying to you from my experience when I started reading blogs on a daily basis. My writing skill improved a bit compared to before time.

We should focus on one thing, write excellent contents with conversational form.

So, you must follow one rule in your blogging journey, always keep reading, reading, reading, and always keep writing, writing, writing a lot.

Build a habit of reading daily and writing daily.

I hope you will do it soon.

Write For Audience, Not For Google

Many people I've seen always that they usually write for Google. It isn't right. It is the wrong way. Maybe they think that their post or article will rank in Google.

If you are one of them, then change this mistake as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will lose a lot. Always write for your audience or public not for Google.

If people will love your article as well as writing skill. Then, I make sure that Google will too.

Successful Blogging Needs A Lot Of Patience

To be successful blogging, it is very needed. We can say in another way that patience is a key to successful blogging.

If you will see any top blogs and blogger, the common thing you will get that they had patience.

Most people make such a type of mistakes. A study found that if you are regular at blogging around starting of your 3 months, then you will not leave it.

And hope you will become a successful blogger one day.

I've seen a lot of people in the blogging industry, they started their online career with very excitement and passion. But later on, they get frustrated.

I know guys, this job is not easy, it is a tough job. It wants plenty of time, patience, effort, struggle and hard work, but after definitely make your life.

So, if you decided that you want to be a successful blogger then you must have 'Patience'.

Implement it as soon as possible in your life.

Don't Think About Money, Only Work More

You know this is very impossible. Although, we know that there is nothing impossible in the world.

Blogging needs a lot of patience, smart work, hard work, dedication, and determination etc.

Let's understand it with an example-

We can say that it is our daily job, but there is a lot of difference between a regular job and blogging jobs.

Here's why

If you go to daily in your office as a job or employer. The owner of a company (boss) will pay you. But here, there is no any similarity. 

It is totally opposite to the normal job.

It will not give you any money at all in the beginning. So, if you really want to be a successful blogger, forget money in the beginning days. 

Work on a regular basis, you will get good results soon.

Concentrate On SEO And SMO Or SMM

Most of the websites getting traffic from Google. We can't ignore it. Because Google has #1 rank in the whole world.


The full form of Seo is "Search Engine Optimization". This is one most useful trick to get a lot of visitors directly from Google.

Nowadays, many businesses depend on Google. If you want to be one of them, then always write only Seo friendly post. 

I'm pretty sure you'll get a ton of traffic for your website.

How To Write SEO friendly post?

I am going to show you basic in a simple way. You need to use your main keyword in the Title, Post first paragraph, Post last paragraph, Headings, Description, Permalink, and Images section.

Hey hurray, you've done almost SEO in your post now. I'm sure that you'll get a ton of traffic.


The full form of SMO or SMM is " Search Media Optimization" or "Search Media Marketing". Both are same.

Promote your services, products or articles on a various social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It is called Smo or Smm.

So, if you want to get more traffic, then you must use both techniques in the proper way. I am pretty sure you'll get a good result.

Guys, to be a successful blogger, both methods are important and useful for you. You need to do implement it as soon as possible.

Essential Part Is "Best Keywords Researching"

If we talk about successful blogger, they are the expert in their field as well as keywords researching.

So if you want to be one of them, the first thing is you need to be an expert at keyword researching.

There are a lot of tools out there. You can use LSI keywords (Google's bottom page), Keyword planner tool, Ubersuggest tool, LSI graph and much more.

If we use most searchable keywords in our post, chances increase to appear our blog post on Google.

To become a successful blogger, this is very essential part of success, now just follow it.

Start, Fail, Learn And Win

I know, it is not the overnight game. Yeah, it takes a lot of patience and hard work. If you opted blogging as a career, your journey starts from here.

To be a successful blogger, first, you need to start your journey. But I know already that it is so hard. Surely you will fail in your beginner days. Because it's the common thing.

You will not succeed soon. But when you fail, you learn a lot. Many top bloggers have already faced this situation before.

If you want to be one of them, then start right now, face failure in the initial days, but learn from your mistake it's essential.

Guys, if you completed these three levels, the last one remains that is Win.

I am pretty sure that you will get success then.

Always Write People Sharing Content

If we talk about people sharing contents, it is good to grow more. If you write about these type of articles, surely your traffic will grow soon.

Because people always want to daily new update by you. Understand it with an example-

If newspaper shows daily same information, would you like it? Obviously not.

So, people want daily different stuff every day and we must provide them.

There are a lot of tools you could use to see most shareable contents. I like BuzzSumo tool, it shows most shareable content.

How Can You Use BuzzSumo?

Pick one of your competitor's site Url and put it out there. Then, buzzsumo tool will show you most shareable contents on social media.

Blogs can also help you to see most shareable contents. Visit you have any favorite blog, then look at the bottom of that article, there you can find numbers of sharing that specific article.

Write Short Posts, Not Too Long

Many bloggers I've seen in my life. Maybe they forget why people come to their site. Obviously, which are their readers want.

Few bloggers write the extra long post that is not right. They think that if we write the extra long post, that will rank on Google's first page. It's wrong.

People come to your blog for solving their problems and gain more info. But they don't want to read your long type post.

If you'll write the extra long post, your readers will leave your post and never visit again.

So, if you are one of them, just change it now as soon as possible. It will help you to be a good blogger.

Make Good Links (Backlinks)

Backlinks have always been a good source of traffic. Build always high-quality links relevant to your blog. It also helps your blog to increase your Page authority and Domain authority.

Both helpful, no follow and do follow backlinks to top ranking your website at Google.

I hope you'll make backlinks to become a successful blogger.

Write Something About You Feel Enjoy

To be a successful blogger, we need a lot of things like writing, passion, patience and hard work etc.

Look at yourself, what do you like, what do you feel enjoy doing. Just put it out there.

Write always those things that make you happy. When we do work something with our interest. That time we give our best as much as we can.

So always write with your interest and get positive results.

Work Day And Night

This doesn't mean that you work like owls. Successful blogging needs hard work from the beginning. It wants only work, work and more work.

You have to give it several hours to become a successful blogger. I am pretty sure you will.

Whether you could make a schedule or planning for it. According to me, your work time will start at 9:00 Am and ending at 6:00 Pm.

If you will do more work that will your bonus work. Treat it as a day job.

Be Serious About Blogging

Successful bloggers have been always serious about blogging. They treat it as a serious work. Maybe you could be a hobby blogger. But there is much difference between serious and hobby blogger.

Because hobby blogger works as a fun, but serious blogger wants to achieve something by blogging as a form of money, traffic, and popularity.

If you opted blogging as a career, you need to be focused and seriousness about it.

Always You Are A Learner

Bloggers are always a learner as a student. If you want to be a blogger then you need to learn skills.

Blogging is all about learning every day something new and explore yourself. If you want to be a successful blogger then develop skills first.

If you see any professional blogger, they have plenty of knowledge of their field. Because they were a good learner and, they still.

But they gave time a lot to learn. If you blog with heart, certainly that will pay off.

Write Problem Solving Contents

Problem-solving contents always give you the best-targeted traffic. It's a very good strategy. Let's understand it with the example.

Someone wants to know ''what is a computer" and suppose you describe it. This thing will become problem-solving.

In the field of blogging, this rule is also followed at here. If you will write problem-solving contents, someone will appreciate your work certainly.

It will also help you to be a success.

Blog About Your Passion

This is a good point. When you blog with your passion. It gives you good results. If you see any successful blogger, they have a great passion. They are willing to work more.

Always write about things you like. If you are interested in 'Health' topic and you are writing about 'Android' topics. So, it is bad.

It totally means that write about those things that make you feel happy.

Consider Blogging As A Business, Not Hobby

I don't know how you treat blogging. It could be your hobby. But if you consider blogging as a business, then you use many strategies to take its next level.

Because there is so much difference between hobby and business blogger.

You could be a hobby blogger, but can't go to the next level. Because you are a hobby blogger. These types of bloggers work for fun. 

If you treat blogging as a business, I am pretty sure you'll work as a business then you will work harder on it.

But hobby blogger has one limit.

So, consider it as a business and always go ahead.

Focussing On Engaging And Quality Content

To be a successful blogger, you need to plenty of articles. Not only articles, but quality articles too.

Any successful website has a quality of contents. It is very essential part of any successful blogger.

First concentrate on quality content, not for money. What we can do? Without money, we people do not work anywhere.

But it's blogging business, and any great thing takes time.

Your main focus must be on providing: 

Valuable contents

Compelling contents

Engaging contents 

Good contents

Fresh contents and always Quality contents.

Successful bloggers need to all kinds of above contents.

Always remember that "Content Is King".

Don't Be Afraid Of Word "Investment"

When you've considered it as a business. Then you need the word of "Investment". Because without investment, maybe you couldn't succeed.

So, in your blog site, you must be investing something. Because money makes money. You must spend a little bit on your blog. 

I think you should spend money on your domain name, web hosting, blog design and website logo. It will give you more money.

I hope you will do that soon.

Write Most Highly Searchable Post

It is another great point that we are going to discuss. 

If you are writing your next new blog post, but no one will search that particular post.

So, it's too bad, right? 

Then what will you do? 

Write always those posts which are needed for the audience. They need a lot of that type of stuff.


For example: Let's assume that we are targetting for this longtail keyword; Google Search Console.

And you can also see its volume. The monthly searches of this keyword is 550,000.

That's great. 


But you can also see above its KD (Keyword Difficulty). It has 72 out of 100 dificulty. 

It means that the keyword we are going to choose is little HARD to rank on Google. 

Because many big sites are already ranked for it and getting HUGE traffic. 

So it is little difficult to beat them.

If still you want to rank that keyword. Read it carefully...

How Do You Rank That Keyword?

Honestly speaking, if you really want to rank that keyword. You have to need a lots of social signals and high authority quality links.

Social signals is a great ranking factor. 

Few things you need to know:

(1) Write detailed guide on it. Around 2000+ words. 

(2) Make content engaging and valuable.

(3) Make high quality backlinks. (Use Skycrapper Technique)

(4) Content must be shared on social sites by users.

(5) Your CTR (Click Through Rate) should be good. 

(6) You should have good Domain authority, Page authority, Moz rank, Moz trust, Trust flow, Citation flow, Good domain age, Google trust and other metrics.

So if you keep in mind that all above things, the chances are very high to rank.

One another strategy you could follow if you didn't like above strategy.

Choose LOW Competition Keywords With HIGH Volume

Find those keywords which have below 500-1000
searches a month if your website is NEW.

The chances are very high to rank your post on Google. Because nobody has worked for those Low competiton keywords.

The reason is a Low volume.

And you don't need a lots of links. 


For example: In above picture, we have chosen Low competition keyword.


And you can also see its SEO difficulty. Is it great? right? 


We have used KWfinder tool to see those metrics. You can too...

In the above photo, this tool shows "Keyword SEO Difficulty" in ranges of numbers.

So you can choose #1 or #2 strategy according to your skills.

When you follow this type of strategies, I am pretty sure you will have good results one day as well as HUGE traffic too. 

To be a successful blogger, this is the essential point you must follow. 

Understand Your Readers' Interest

If you know your readers' interest, that's good. If you don't know, that's bad. 

To be a successful blogger, it can be an important part for you. You need to know what your audience is interested in.

Because without the audience, you are nothing. First, you must figure out all of them as soon as possible. 

How Can We Know Our Audience Interest?

Guys, you can check out in Google Analytic Tool where you can find out your visitors' age, their location, gender, occupation etc. 

This all database helps you with a lot. Because you can see their overall analyzing report.

That data will help you to make an awesome blog post as well as clickable too.

If you're expert to see your audience analytic data, that's a good.

Join Bloggers' Community And Facebook Groups For Motivation

If you do any work or startup, definitely you need to be motivated and inspired too. Right? 

Similarly, you need for motivation to blogging field. It takes plenty of hard work, patience, and struggle. 

To be a successful blogger, motivation and inspiration is an essential medicine in this field.

You could join a ton of bloggers' community out there. Every time that all will help you when you need any help. 

So, I think that it can be an important part of successful blogging. 

Join the few bloggers' Facebook community and keep learning new things.

Whether you could join my favourite facebook groups those are listed below:

Blogging Cage VIP

Bloggers Funda

HellBound Bloggers

Premium Tricks by IFTISEO Private Mastermind Group

Pakistani Bloggers World

Bloggers Supporting Each Other

Be Sure That You Will Succeed

I know that it is not the overnight game. Blogging takes many things because it's a real business. Now, if you opted that blogging is your career or future. 

Tell yourself only one line. That is "one day I will be a successful blogger".

Believe in yourself and your work, then you will get success soon one day. I am telling you because I am also doing this.

You know guys, It is a part of positive thinking. So you can implement it in your life and become a successful blogger.

You Need To Good Website Knowledge First

To be a successful blogger, it is common thing is that you need to a little bit info about websites and blogging. 

Whether you can collect info about what is top blogs in your niche, what is a domain, what mean of Blogger and WordPress. 

So, this point will take you to the next level.

Do What You Love And Love What You Do

When you have considered that blogging is your living business, then you will do everything that you want because you are the owner.

Always do what you love, it means that you can write those posts that make you happy and love what you do. 

It means that love with your blogging and your online journey.

Self Developing

Self-development is the essential part. Daily you need to change yourself. Develop skills daily in yourself. You are a learner and data collector. 

It's a major point to become a successful blogger.

Build Your Brand 'Stand Out'

The blogging reality is 99% bloggers fail in this industry and the rest is 1% successful bloggers are living online. So, guys, I shared blogging reality in front of you.

Try to make your brand 'stand out'. When you put something valuable out there. Definitely, you will get success. Follow this point as much as possible.

You Are A Creative Guy

Tell yourself 'you are a creative guy'. You are a blogger and can make any kind of content whatever you want.

Generate ideas by yourself and attract visitors as much as you can. This is another helpful part of successful bloggers. 

Don't Be Get Hopeless

I know that blogging takes time and many things to be a successful blogger. But believe yourself and hard working. 

I am pretty sure, one day you will achieve whatever you want in your life by blogging.

Daily Learn From Other Bloggers In Your Niche

Blogging is all about based on a word "learning". In this field, you need to learn daily something new and implementing it on your blog. 

When you learn something from anywhere, your knowledge grows.

I learn everything from my competitors' blog (my online marketing friends) and try to do better on it. 

You can also do this.


I learned a lot from all of these guys. 

If you don't know about them, no worries. I listed them below in brief.

(1) Brian Dean - Backlinko

(2) Neil Patel - Neilpatel, KISSmetrics, Quicksprout and Crazyegg.

(3) Ankit Singla - BloggerTipsTricks

(4) Harsh Agarwal - ShoutMeLoud

(5) Rand Fishkin - SEOmoz

(6) Darren Rowse - ProBlogger

To be a successful blogger, I am pretty sure this is helpful for you.

Answer Your Readers' Questions

Although this is not part of becoming a successful blogger, but it could be.


When you answer your readers' questions, they engage with you for a long time. They also help you to increase your blog traffic.

Because your visitors visit again and again on your blog. They feel happier when you replied to them. 

You always need to build interaction with the audience. Follow this trick soon, then you will get positive results.

Ask For Help From Others


It is not possible that you have never faced any problem before. I am pretty sure that you had faced plenty of problems in your blogging journey so far. 

If you are a newbie or beginner, you can take help from others. It will help you to take the next level in your blogging career. 

Google has been your always a best friend. Every time you can ask anything from Google.

Workout Daily For Mental And Physical Fitness

It's too much a great part of successful blogging. You have must workout daily for peace, mental and physical positivity.


When you workout daily then you feel extremely better, according to before.  

The fit body, works well. 

Don't ignore this point, it is very essential part of successful blogging. 

Always remember that "if you lose your body, you lose your career".


Today we have learned about how to be a 100% successful blogger in 2018. 

I hope you will like this post. Now guys, what do you think about it?

Now just let me know your thoughts by leaving comments. I want to know what you think?

If you feel that this post is helpful for you then share it with your friends and bloggers brothers as well.

Because you know already that sharing is caring. And do not forget to subscribe this useful blog and also like our Facebook page.

If you follow all above steps given by me then I am pretty sure you will become 100% successful blogger one day.

Keep Blogging, Keep Earning.
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