33 Super Amazing Facts About Wikipedia

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But friends, In this today's post we're going to read about the most popular website that name is "Wikipedia". I can definitely to say you that you heard this name already in your life. So now we will learn today 33 amazing facts about Wikipedia.

What Is Wikipedia Website? 

This is the most popular and worldwide website. I can surely to say you that you've heard this site name before ever. If you did not hear, then no problem. I will do my best to telling you all about this topic.

Wikipedia is not an ordinary site. This is very big and awesome website in the whole world. This site has many articles, we can not count it. The ranking of this website is quite good. Let's go to read it.

Fact-1 These website is created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.


Fact-2 The age of Jimmy Wales is 50 years and Larry Sanger is 48 years old.

Fact-3 This site is launched in 15-January-2001 around 16 years ago and after 2 days the domain was registered.

Fact-4 You wouldn't believe to me that Wikipedia is a non-profitable organization. It works only the basis of "No Loss No Profit". It is not for commercial use.

Fact-5 The amazing slogan of this site is "The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit".

Fact-6  The owner of this site is Wikimedia Foundation.

Fact-7 You can know the popularity of this site given by Alexa rank. It has 5 ranks across the whole world. Alexa is a company who showing any website ranking.


Fact-8 Its active users nearly 2,81,765 and registered users is 68,847,111. 

Fact-9 Wikipedia is written into the lamp platform.

Fact-10 This is a very big thing that this site supports completely 295 languages. It is unbelievable fact. Oh my god.


Fact-11 English Wikipedia is the largest of the more than 290 Wikipedia encyclopedia.

Fact-12 Wikipedia is an Internet encyclopedia.

Fact-13 Wikipedia has more than 45 million articles in more than 250 different languages.

Fact-14 The same type of Wikipedia's logo was used in between 2003 to 2010.

Fact-15 The Wikipedia logo was created by 17 years old user his name is Paul Stansifer.


Fact-16 He had won a design competition run by the site in 2003 and then entered.

Fact-17 The logo of Wikipedia is an unfinished globe constructed from the jigsaw pieces.


Fact-18 You can see that some pieces in the globe are missing at the top.

Fact-19 It means that the empty space at the top represents the incomplete nature of the project, the articles and more languages yet to be added.

Fact-20 When Wikipedia was launched in 2001. Then that time only one language is available that was only English. 

Fact-21 The English language Wikipedia has 5,426,893 articles now and this is changing day by day.

Fact-22 You know what Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Fact-23 Wikipedia is written largely by amateurs.

Fact-24 We know the name of this site by "Wikipedia" but its full domain name like this- https://en.wikipedia.org

Fact-25 The worldwide monthly readership of Wikipedia's is around 495 million.

Fact-26 You will not believe me that Wikipedia receives more than 117 million unique visitors from the only United States of America.

Fact-27 More than 100+ articles are written by in these languages- Kashmiri, Gothic, Zulu, and Swati.

Fact-28 More than 10,000+ articles are written by these languages- Javanese, Africans, Western Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Irish, Sanskrit, Mongolian, Kannada, Gujrati, Nepali, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Sanskrit.

Fact-29 More than 50,000+ articles is written by in these languages- Greek, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Danish, Estonian, Esperanto, Galician, Hebrew, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak and Thai.

Fact-30 More than 2,50,000+ articles are written by in these languages- Korean, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Finnish, Turkish, Arabic, Indonesian, Malay, Catalan, Czech, Basque, Persian, Tamil, Hindi, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Chinese.

Fact-31 More Than 1,000,000+ articles are written by these languages- Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Polish, German, Spanish, French, Swedish and Vietnamese.

Fact-32 Wikipedia has few sister projects which is also hosted by Wikimedia Foundation. This is a non-profitable company. 

Fact-33 Those projects names are Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wiktionary, Wikisource, Meta-wiki, Commons, Wikiversity, Wikispecies, Wikivoyage, Mediawiki, Wikidata, and Wikinews.

Source: Thanks to Wikipedia. To give us your information.

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