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Something Interesting And Special Info About New Indian 50 Rupees Note

Hi friends, you are welcome here. Generally, when something comes new and fresh product into the market. Then we want to buy that thing and want to see that product as soon as possible. Am I right? Because humanity is all about one curiosity. 

That thing can be anything or whatever. But if you are one Indian then this post can be useful for you. Today we will talk something interesting about Indian 50 Rupees New Note.

Okay, let's get started from here.

From The Front


Interesting Info About New Indian 20 Rupees Note

1. When you will see in the light, then here will appear 50.

2. In here you can see 2 fonts combination. First is written in Devnagri (Hindi) font (₹) and the second one is the English font (50). 

3. In here you can see both combinations of Devanagari fonts together.

4. Again, here you may see both fonts together. Same point of (2)

5.  On the left-hand side here you can see Mahatma Gandhi's picture.

6. This is security thread. Here you can see silver thread step by step and here also written RBI भारत. When you will see this silver thread in the light, it will one continuous line. Try to please.

7. At this point, you can see here one symbol of "Reserve Bank of India"

8. It is serial numbers of 50 Rupees notes. Here one thing is special. These numbers are going to smaller to larger forms. This is same in the left-hand top corner side.

9. On the right-hand side, we can see both fonts together. Whether you can skip this step. It is same to (2) and (4) point.

10. Here is the hidden image of 50.

11. This is the picture of Ashok Stambh.

12. And here written is "Reserve Bank of India".

13. It is a watermark of Mahatma Gandhi. You may see in the light. 

14. Here you can see the governor's signature of "Urjit R Patel". 

15. It is written in Devnagri font (पचास रुपये) in the center.

16. And left-hand top corner side, it's also written in Devnagri Hindi font (भारतीय रिज़र्व बैंक).

From The Back  


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Professional Blogger Harsh Agrawal And His Blog ShoutMeLoud's Interesting Facts

Howdy friends, how are you all? Hope you well. Welcome to your likable blog

Today is a special day, just now ask me how? Because today we are talking about Harsh Agrawal and his blog ShoutMeLoud.

Do you know who is Harsh Agrawal?


Harsh Agarwal is a professional Indian Blogger and his popular blog name is ShoutMeLoud

I think that you can feel some difficulty in these words like- Blog, Blogger. So don't worry, I just tell you. If you know already, that's good and can skip below steps. I'm going to describe it in short words.

What is a Blog?

A blog is one type of web page and its need to do update regularly basis. It is written by peoples or small groups. An another way, we can say one "website". So here ShoutMeLoud is one blog or website. 

What is a blogger?
Very simple, a person who writes on the blog regularly and writes as a conversational style. That's called a blogger, and here Harsh is a blogger.

So, friends, I hope you understand. Now let's get started our interesting post from here.

Interesting Facts About Harsh Agarwal And His Blog ShoutMeLoud-

Fact- Harsh Agarwal is an Indian professional blogger.

Fact- His famous blog name is ShoutMeLoud which is very popular today.

Fact- He is one a biggest young entrepreneur across the world.

Fact- He manages an award-winning blog known as “ShoutMeLoud”.

Fact- Harsh belongs from New Delhi, India.

Fact- You know friends Harsh Agarwal's age is 29 years old.

Fact- He has one personal blog that name is Denharsh.

His Education

Fact- His childhood school name was a Laxman Public School. Harsh completed his primary education since here in 2004.

Fact- He is B.Tech graduated student.

Fact- Harsh graduated from engineering in 2008 from the Sharda University.

Fact- Harsh is an engineer by education and a blogger by his passion and profession.

His Job

Fact- He used to work at Convergys (a call center) first in Gurgaon.

Fact- He left his full-time job at Convergys in April 2009.

Fact- He has been blogging since 2008.

Computer Lover

Fact- Harsh was extremely attracted and interested with a computer when he was one curious kid. That's why he decided that opting Computer Engineering as his fascination. 

Fact- When Harsh entered into the internet that time he was wasting his precious time on social media network sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. 

He chats with friends, and later on, finally he started some blogs on Blogspot platform that was all his hobby blogs.

Fact- When he started a blog on Blogspot platform then his blog was receiving quite great responses from his readers.

Fact- Next after 2 months, his blog was shifted into WordPress self-hosted platform on 1 December 2008.

Hobby Blogger

Fact- You know what Harsh initially started blogging as a hobby and firstly he was hobby blogger. 

Fact- But soon hobby blogs turned into a passion and later it is changed into one big profession.

Fact- When he had hobby blogs that time he used to share articles on knowledge, technology, and hacking topics.

Fact- Harsh got his first computer in 2005.

Harsh Borrowed Money And Credit Cards

Fact- At the beginning of ShoutMeLoud, you know friends Harsh don't have money. Then he decided to borrow money from his friends.

Fact- He borrowed money and credit cards from his best friends and later on, he purchased a domain and hosting services.

First Income Was $10

Fact- Friends, you know that the first income was $10 of Harsh Agarwal.

How He Got His First $10? 

Fact- Okay, someone had a Seo related issues with the google webmaster tool and Harsh had a fix that problem in the past time, and then he got his $10 first. 

This was a first online unbelievable income of Harsh. That was a splendid moment.

Fact- That time he was extremely excited and proudly. He even said his all friends that I made money online. This was a proud and amazing moment of Harsh's life.

Average Time On His Blog

Fact- Harsh works on his blog around 8 hours every day. You know friends it is the average time, but sometimes it goes to working 14 to 16 hours non-stop.

Fact- Keshav Gupta is a school friend of Harsh. 

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His Accident

Fact- Once Harsh Agrawal's had an accident in 2009, it was very painful. Just after next day was his birthday.

Creation Of ShoutMeLoud

Fact- ShoutMeLoud domain was created on 30th November 2008, and next day 1st December 2008, ShoutMeLoud went live on the Internet. It means this is 9 years old blog. 

Fact- When he was entered in the blogging industry, around within 4 months, he realized that what is actually meant of blogging. He was earning almost $550/monthly means (35000Rs/monthly) in that time.

Harsh says that which was double my salaried job at Convergys company.

Fact- You won't believe that when ShoutMeLoud started that time within 6 months of blogging, Harsh was making almost $800 to $1000/month after he opted blogging as a journey. That was an amazing moment.

English Writing Problem

Fact- Harsh faced many problems while writing the English language first. He tried to improve himself and gave his best. He had read tons of blog post before entering blogging.

Fact- Facebook is one of the top referring sites for ShoutMeLoud traffic.

Fact- He is making money around thousands of dollars every month from his online blogs.

Fact- The turning point came in his blogging career in June 2009. When he decided to join between Accenture or continuing blogging as a career

I think Harsh is glad that listen to his heart and opted blogging.

Fact- He is a learner as a blogger.

Good Habit Of Harsh

Fact- A good habit of Harsh is that he learns a new thing every day it's a beneficial part of blogging.

Fact- He was worked with many freelancers in the past time.

Fact- Harsh has one full-time employee and the rest are freelancers right now.

Fact- ShoutMeLoud is one of the most popular blogs in India.

Fact- The main focusing blog of Harsh is ShoutMeLoud. Anyone can start blogging from this blog and make money online.

Fact- Mostly Harsh writes on these topics such as- Blogging, WordPress, Seo, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Video marketing, Affiliate marketing, Entrepreneurship, Life hacks, Web-hosting, How to create a blog and make money online.

Harsh Agarwal's Dream

Fact- Harsh says that blogging is not considered a great business in India.

Fact- That's why the big dream of Harsh is increasing the power of blogging in India so that many people can earn good amount of money and live their life better as Harsh.

Fact- He says that you can opt it as a beautiful career option and easily make money online. If you do not believe me, you can see me. I'm the one living proof who is working on it.

Fact- He shares all his techniques and ideas that helped him to make over $45000 a year.

Fact- The ShoutMeLoud blog for those peoples who believe that they can work from home and earn good amount of money online. But you need to be pretty serious about it and patience is a more important part.


Fact- The anniversary date of ShoutMeLoud is 1st December 2008.

Fact- He loves to travel many new places, he likes to photography too much and last Harsh likes to learn new things which are needed for blogging.

Fact- Harsh was working for Convergys (it is IT company) in Gurgaon and he decided to opt blogging as a career and his profession in 2009.

Fact- You will be shocked to hear that Harsh worked in Convergys 
(IT Company) for only $300/month salaried job in between April-July in 2009.

Fact- When Mr. Harsh Agarwal started blogging in 2009, he faced plenty of problem at that time.

Fact- The main problem was social media. It was not so popular term in that era and blogging wasn't a widely accepted job till that time.

But now there are many ways to promote a blog post on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp etc. But that time competition was zero, it was a very good opportunity for Harsh.

Fact- When he came into this field, he had not any idea and any experience that how to run a business because Harsh was very young B.Tech graduated Engineer and he was in a big dilemma at that time.

Fact- Before opting blogging, he discussed with his family, friends and taking advice from many professionals then later he finally decided that listen to his inner voice and heart, and opted for professional blogging as a career.


Fact- You know friends what mistakes did Harsh often make? 

He didn't ask for help. Harsh says that one of the silliest mistakes which I used to make was not asking for help. But now he's completely changed.

Fact- He says that I was one silent learner and reader, and was shy to ask for help. 

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Scariest Moment

Fact- You know already life is one a big adventurous game. Once Harsh was very scared, we could say in another way that was a quite scary moment and worst moment of Harsh Agrawal's life.

Fact- The biggest reason of behind was a Google Panda Update.

Fact- When Google Panda Algorithm was updated, ShoutMeLoud lost almost 50% of Google search traffic and blog ranking. Every blogger knows this well, what's the disadvantage of losing 50% organic traffic. Worst moment.

Fact- Harsh was worried about his future of blogging; like what should I do or not next. It was a very horrible moment for him.

Fact- Then he decided that I need to do work hard. Sometime later, he started working day and night without any given break point.

Fact- You already know that our hard-work never gets wasted. Therefore Harsh worked hard for 2-3 months and his blog ShoutMeLoud recovered from the Google Panda Penalty

That was an amazing moment. His blog is going to high rank right now since then.

Motivation Of Harsh

Fact- Do you know guys? How Harsh Agarwal used to keep motivated himself towards blogging?

Fact- He says that working from home and keeping myself motivated wasn't the easiest task, but every day I ask myself one question, you know what that question is- 

How do I want to see myself tomorrow? This was great.

Fact- One motivation you should know of Harsh. That is "don't wait for a magic to happen, take proactive steps and experience the magic''. Although this line is too short but extremely truthful.

Fact- Harsh says that I will be always a student until my last breath. When you have a curious mind you always try to something new and special.

Fact- His blogging career never became so boring ever. He always tries to keep something new and unique.

Awesome Tip By Harsh 

Fact- One awesome tip Harsh has given us to keep moving forward in our life. That's personal and professional life, yeah, it's absolutely correct.

He says that when we keep maintaining our personal and professional life, which helps us to keep moving forward.

Fact- Harsh has one goal list and he tries every day to reach one step closer to his goal. You know friends, without any goal nobody can't get success. 

So I think someone has a need to one life goal and try to achieve it every day.

Fact- According to Harsh Sir, Mistakes are part of life and everyone does it. But we should always try to improve our mistakes and shortcomings soon, and always trying to fix them.

Fact- Harsh has been able to earn good amount of money every month from their blogs around $5000 to $10,000.

Harsh Tip For Achieving Success Quickly

Fact- He says that blogging is a serious work. If you are a newbie and want to make money quickly. So this platform is not suitable for you.

Fact- Money would never come easily through blogging. But there is one secret to get quick success in this field. You know, what's that secret?

Fact- Harsh says that you should follow the one way for getting quick success and make money online. That amazing secret is "when you will put more quality in your blog, the more money you will make".

Fact- He said that if you are a newbie and want to earn money, then you should first make goals of making money and business strategies and then try to achieve it.

Fact- As you can target like I'll make $100 this month and always try to close reach out your goal. When you once reach that your goal, next just think of making $1000 to $10,000.

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His Dream

Fact- Do you know that what is Harsh Agarwal's dream?

A dream of Harsh Agrawal is set up blogging as a career option in India. If we talk about western countries like United State, Brazil, France, Canada, Mexico etc.

They are living their beautiful life through blogging, and we already know India is a place where smartest people are living.

Fact- Harsh has one other dream is that Harsh want to launch his one membership site and where users can find A to Z information, this special blog for those who want to make money online by blogging.

Fact- Harsh favorite web hosts are Bluehost and Hostgator but this is just according to the business needs.

Mr. Harsh Agarwal And Mrs. Shallu Agarwal 


Fact- The name of Harsh wife is Shallu Agarwal.

Fact- She is handling ShoutMeHindi blog.

Fact- His another dream is that open an office and hire minded and talented people on there.

Favourite Blogs List Of Harsh

Fact- Harsh has subscribed many SEO Blog and he reads. There are a few blogs which are Harsh regularly checking out and try to keep himself updated. 

Fact- His lovable blogs are Hubspot, SearchEngineLand, Moz and last one favorite blog is Upworthy.

Fact- He gets really good contents/stuff from these above blogs list.

Fact- Apart from these, you know he loves articles on BufferBlogLifeHacker, which helps him to become a better human every day.

His Favourite Bloggers Online

Fact- Harsh Agrawal likes many blogs, but most of them, he likes to Daniel Scocco [] because of its simple writing style.

Fact- He loves to Darren Rowse [] for its detailed guide for bloggers.

Fact- He likes to the digital inspiration of Amit Agrawal [] for his unique contents.

Currently Websites, Products, Services, And Companies Of Harsh

Fact- Harsh is running a few websites, products, companies and services, Such as-

Fact- ShoutDreams is India's first professional blogger company. Here you can find his all blogs network list.

Fact- ShoutDreams is a professional blog network from India.

Fact- ShoutDreams has 8 live blogs under the network.

Fact- Some blogs are too much popular, and some of them are in the process of becoming popular. But they will soon.

Fact- You know friends, Harsh has now 8 live blogs. You can see here all his website list. Maybe you may have seen before.


ShoutMeLoud- This is a blog for all bloggers and as we know already he shares to make money online tips and much more on this blog. This is an award winning blog.

ShoutMeLoud Forum- Here you can ask any query related to the blog, SEO and much more, and solve your problems soon. Every blogger must join it.

ShoutUniversity- Is premium membership website. Here you may find some free courses and paid courses related to the WordPress web hosting, affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, WordPress and much more.

ShoutMeHindi- This blog is in "Hindi" native language writing by "Gurmeet Singh" as Senior Editor. It is becoming a popular Hindi blog now.

WpSutra- It is a popular website to learn everything about WordPress. This blog service will offer free SEO optimized for WordPress blog. 

Harsh shares his all WordPress experiences and tries to help newbies on here. 

ShoutMeTech- It is the best technology and Bitcoin blog. This blog was launched on 1st January 2011, means new year day. Here you will find info related to Android, Apple, Bitcoin and much more.

CallingAllGeeks- This blog for those who is a tech and gadget lover. It is a dedicated blog on Technology, Gadgets, Apple and Mobile reviews. This blog has been purchased from Harsh's friend some time back. It was begun in 2008.

WpHostingDiscount- This is for WordPress web-hosting resources. Here you will know about WordPress hosting guides and tutorials.

LetsTalkRelations- This website is started by Ruchi Parikh, and now is a part of ShoutDreams Network. As you can know by its name. It is a relationship blog.

Here you will find topics about Relationship guide, Family relations and much more.

ShoutMeLoud Team Members

Fact- Harsh has worked with some incredibly talented individuals together into the whole world. I think you should little know about Harsh Agarwal team members-



This boy is Gurmeet. He joined ShoutMeLoud on 27th June 2015. He is managing ShoutMeHindi as a Senior Editor. 

He wrote many awesome articles on here. He has contributed content in Hindi and as well as English.

His work- Gurmeet makes videos for ShoutMeHindi's YouTube channel and managing ShoutMeHindi blog.

Nikhil Ganotra

ShoutMeLoud-Team-Member- Nikhil-Ganotra

This guy is Nikhil Ganotra. He has been managing the ShoutMeLoud forum for the last few months. Nikhil says that if you write a blog with passion and heart, it will certainly pay you.

His work- He manages ShoutMeLoud forum. 

Theodore Nwangene


This boy is Theodore Nwangene. He is a blogger, freelance writer, author, and designer. Theodore has been working with ShoutMeLoud for a while

His work- At ShoutMeLoud, He creates blog posts, writes short reports and design infographic etc.

Shallu Agrawal


This is Shallu Agrawal, She is Harsh Agrawal's wife. She has been working since past one and half years at ShoutMeLoud. She has written a few articles for ShoutMeLoud. 

Her work- She manages comments moderation and email sorting. She is also working at ShoutMeHindi.

Kishen Sreehari


This man is Kishen Sreehari. He is a content guy at ShoutMeLoud.

Chatty Sharma


This is Chatty Sharma. He is from Chandigarh, India. He has been working with ShoutMeLoud for the past few months.

His work- Now he is doing email marketing. All type of email you get from him.

Sharat Nik


This guy is Sharat Nik and he is from New Delhi. He has been working since last 3 years at ShoutMeLoud.

His work- Sharat manages site graphics and he creates a lot of images at ShoutMeLoud. You can see any post of images by him.

Jimit Bagadiya


This guy is Jimit Bagadiya. He is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is the CEO of Creative Glance Technologies. He is constantly working on the app to make it more useful and user-friendly.

His work- Currently, he is involved in the Android and iOS apps development work of ShoutMeLoud.